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Welcome to my Cosplay home on the net. My name is Rebecca (aka Stray Wind online). I've been Cosplaying since late 2001. I love the fellowship, challenges and creativity involved in making costumes. My forte is Cosplaying from survival horror video games as well as characters from Anime and games that I grew up enjoying. Since I began Cosplaying, I have worn over 70 costumes and I've attended over 65 conventions and major events. Cosplaying is an exciting journey and I look forward to future projects and events as my journey in the world of Cosplay continues.

-+- Updates -+-

April 30th, 2016
I've been meaning to update this site as I progressed with my Sakura costume and I really neglected it. For a costume I figured I would finish in a month or two, it sure has dragged on. I set a goal of finishing it by the end of April, but I felt like that was more of a worst case scenario and it was more likely that I would have the costume done well before then. Well, we're at the end of April now and it's not quite done. (~_~) It's pretty close to being done. I probably would have finished it sooner, but I keep going back to fix or replace parts. It took me like 10 tries to properly finish and sew down the collar. I had to go back and add more interfacing to it. I made 3 versions of the Haruno circle for the back of the shirt and after finishing the shirt, I went back and had to re-sew 2 of the seams. I've also struggled with finishing the splits on the skirt part of the shorts. I've sewn the back part together three times and it took me a couple of tries to place and sew down the buckle loops. XD This costume has often felt like I'm taking one step forward and then two steps back.

As it stands, the shirt is done, I've modified the gloves I bought, the armbands are done and the skirt/shorts are nearly done. I'm currently fixing up the belt loops. There is a chance I might redo the entire back panel of the skirt because I've been having trouble getting the split in the back to lay evenly and not look crooked. I actually originally made the skirt parts with zippers. I finished the front with a zipper, but the split was curling up. I'm using a knit fabric that's quite flowy, somewhat thin and stretchy so it was not reacting well to a small zipper that's not very heavy weight. I scrapped the zipper idea then, which worked ok for the front. In a lot of merchandise and some of the Naruto video games you can see the zippers in her skirt, but it was not drawn in for the Anime so I'm going to roll without the zippers. XD I'll stick with my skirt as it stands for now, but I might look for some advice to maybe replace the back later. I still need to make sure the leg bandages sit properly. I'm trying to make them stay up on my leg using snaps mostly with part of the bandage being sewn to my shorts. Crossing my fingers that it will hold! My final project for this costume is to make a back pouch. I bought a pouch from eBay for a few dollars that I was looking forward to using, but because of the length and tight fit of my shirt, the pouch is too big and would sit too low on my skirt. (>.<) I'm trying to make up a new pouch on my own now that's about half the size of the one I bought. Hopefully it wil only take me a couple of hours, but it's still another example of how I step forward with this costume and then step back. I know for a fact I wish I had made my shirt about an inch shorter. I can't fix that without changing the zipper so I'll have to see how it goes at AN and consider maybe getting a slightly shorter zipper and replacing it after the con if I really dislike how the costume looks.

Anyway, when all is said and done, I should have the costume as it stands done by early next week. If I decide to replace the skirt panel I might do that later in May. My wig does need to be trimmed. My friend Pan is awesome and has agreed to help me cut it. Maybe she'll help me with my skirt problem if I still find it annoying. I might also replace the ribbon on my Konoha ninja headband. I bought a cheap one from Aliexpress. My red fabric might not be the best for a headband, but I'll see if it really makes the costume look nicer for the reds to be consistent.

My main reason for finally updating here, however, is to just comment about how sad I am that APOP won't be happening this year. It was just announced that the con has outgrown the Science Centre and they have not been able to find a suitable alternate location. They do intend to hold the con again in 2017. It's just too bad that it will never be at the Science Centre again. It was an awesome location for photoshoots and just such a cool place to explore. I know I can just pay to go there anytime, but it was pretty awesome to experience the Science Centre outside of normal business hours and in costume. APOP does still have some interesting draws like the crafting workshops, but it's not really my scene overall so I'm not sure if I'll bother attending it again. I guess I'll have to see what venue the con goes with next year if they are able to secure a location. As it stands, though, I do morn the con as it was. The last two years of APOP were such a blast! APOP being gone does leave a bit of a hole in my year. The only cons I have on the horizon are Anime North and one or two days of Fan Expo. Seems like a very bland year. I feel like I want something else to fill that gap. I might seriously try for Otakuthon this year or maybe actually take a vacation. I definitely want to do something so I'm going to have to start planning to get out of the city.

In the meantime, AN has been on the forefront of my mind for weeks. I did get a table for the Nominoichi. My table is N133 this year. I have plenty of figures, wigs, video games and fun goods for sale from various series like Sailor Moon, DBZ, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Resident Evil and Vocaloid. I posted a list of some of the things I'm selling on the AN forum and already a lot of my stuff is spoken for through holds. I hope everyone shows up to get the stuff they reserved! XD I know the next month is going to fly by so I hope I can get my costumes together and get everything packed up and ready to sell. I definitely have to squeeze a lot of fun out of Anime North knowing that I have fewer cons to look forward to this year. Hopefully it'll turn out to be a great year for this classic event!

-+- Past Updates -+-

March 9th, 2016
It feels a little weird to be writing my first post of 2016 and it's already March! I took a bit of a break from costuming towards the end of last year, but since my last post at the end of December, I have been working on a couple of projects. Firstly, my Splatoon costume is now done! I worked on it back in January and finished it at the end of the month. I didn't have that much to do for the costume. I had to add the pink stripes to the shorts, add lettering to a shirt, make a mask and attach the tentacles to the wig, but everything went smoothly and I was able to get it done fairly quickly once I found the motivation to work on things.

After finishing that project, I started brainstorming other ideas for the year. My Madoka costume is still on the back burner due to issues with patterning the blouse. I'm determined to finish it for Anime North 2017 so you can definitely expect that costume for next year! I'm not going to put it off for a 3rd year. In the meantime, I decided that I wanted to do something for AN. I started looking at my list of favourite series and characters and Sakura from Naruto kind of jumped out at me. I think she's underappreciated and she's a character that like Bulma, has a lot of talent and strength. She seems like a fun costume option for the year. I settled on working on her Shippuden outfit because it looks like one of her easier outfit designs. I have an old New Look Juniors pattern that I discovered while doing a pattern inventory. It has the right overall shape for the character and with minor alterations versus standard patterns, the fit is actually really great on me. I wish New Look still offered this pattern line! I have yet to find other patterns that fit anywhere near as well right off the bat!

I've already finished modifying a pair of boots for the costume. I performed Cosplay surgery on my old Maria and Batgirl boots. I haven't worn them in a couple of years and parts of the material was starting to degrade so I thought it would be ok to use them for this costume. I cut off the upper part of the tip of each boot. I crafted a new insole for the boots using felt and a comfy insole liner and I used electrical tape to hide any raw edges. It turned out really well and hopefully it will hold together.

I'm currently almost done a mock of the shirt using the New Look pattern. Just trying to set the separating zipper and draft a new collar. Hopefully it will come together and work on my first try! If it turns out then I can start on the real shirt in the next week or two. After that I need to make armbands, the skirt, the bandages for her leg and modify a pair of gloves. I'm going to reuse the pouches from my old Sasuke costume so those are already done. I already purchased all the fabric, notions and a wig so I have everything already although I am still waiting for contacts, the headband and gloves to arrive from online sales. The wig also needs some trimming work, but I'm pretty happy that I was able to get a wig with a skin part!

I need to draft a pattern for the skirt as well, but I'm hoping since the shapes are simple it won't be a problem! I guess we'll see if I'm right. My hope is to get the costume done by the end of April. I'm also still amping up to tackle another year of the Nominoichi at Anime North. I have plenty of Anime figures, video games, old wigs and other random Anime goods that I'm looking forward to selling. Every year I figure that I'll finish with the Nomi because I won't have much stuff left to sell in a future year, but I'm always surprised by how many old goodies that I dig up that I'm willing to part with. I've been trying to ease back on collecting figures and goods these last few months, but I still buy or pre-order the odd thing. A collector's collection is ever evolving! Anyway, at the moment I'm gathering the items, taking stock of their condition and taking photos for a pre-sale listing so that's been keeping me busy on the side.

It's still a little outside of the convention season. I am a bit excited for getting out and about with conventions again. I haven't Cosplayed or been to any sort of Cosplay event since Fan Expo last year. This year I definitely want to get some photoshoots done. Dilandau is still on the agenda and Sailor Mercury and Super Sailor Chibi Moon too. Dilandau still needs a bit of work. I'm going to be working with my friend Adrien soon on fixing up the belt. I kind of put that on the backburner until now as well.

My next convention is Anime North and I'm getting pretty pumped for it. I'm definitely going to be wearing my Inkling Kid costume probably on Friday of the con and Sakura Haruno would be my Saturday costume. I would consider bringing something else like Dilandau or Super Sailor Chibi Moon, but I'll see how ambitious I feel about costume changes. Friday is going to be super busy with the Nominoichi and Saturday always goes by way too fast! Sunday is my casual day so I try not to Cosplay so I can take in the dealer's room and artist alley quickly before they close for another year. I'm even hoping to make the trek over to Doll North this year. Anime North is definitely a con that you want to have a game plan for!

I am debating about attending more conventions this year. Another one day of Fan Expo is likely and if APOP is at the Science Centre again, I will most likely give it another shot for this year. I would like to go to one other con. I've heard whispers about the potential of a new con called YetiCon so I'm looking into that and with the dollar still being weak, I am highly considering taking another look at Otakuthon. Again, it's all very much up in the air, but I would definitely like to do something exciting this year so we shall see! I do like that I have started working on costume projects so hopefully the enthusiasm and energy will carry forward into the rest of the year!

December 29th, 2015
Popping in again with another quick update. Nothing really new to add to this site in terms of new costume galleries or new costume news. I have started outlining what I'm going to do to finish my Splatoon costume. Shouldn't take that long once I get started on it. Just breaking out of my sewing funk has been a bit tough though. I've kind of lost my motivation to sew. Not that I'm in a bad mood or anything is weighing me down. I did my second attempt to pass my final road test to become a fully licensed driver back at the end of November and I passed it with very few errors. The only really frustrating thing is that I probably would have passed no problem back in October if I had been able to take the test then and I could have avoided another 6 weeks of stress. It's over and done now, but getting back into the swing of my hobbies after all that pressure and stress has been tough. I am really glad that it's over though!

The current plan is still to get my Splatoon and Madoka school uniform costumes done for AN and finish the adjustments to Dilandau for the con as well. Getting Dilandau and the Inkling Kid costumes done shouldn't be a problem. I am concerned that I'll have to postpone Madoka again and honestly it's mostly because of a lack of interest in sewing. It's a bit of a long and complicated sewing project to get it done. Still definitely hoping to make it for 2016 but maybe just not the spring. A bunch of my friends have been talking about getting Costume Quest costumes done for Halloween every year for the last 2 or 3 years. I'm kind of hoping for Halloween next year we can all get our costumes done and so I'm hopefully going to have something new for that. Probably going to make either the pumpkin or the candy corn costume. We'll see if that gets done as well! It does look like 2016 will shape up to be a moderately busy year for me costume wise.

Reflecting back on 2015, it was a fairly light year for me regarding Cosplay. I didn't travel for any cons so I just stuck to the local events: Anime North, Atomic Lollipop and one day of Fan Expo. I didn't really do shoots or anything outside of cons either. I did debut one new costume that I made; my new Bulma Briefs costume. That was a fun project for the spring. I did also wear my Diladau costume during AN that I commissioned from my friend Ammie. That's been a dream costume of mine for my entire Cosplay career (over a decade) but unfortunately it had some fit issues and I wasn't feeling well so I didn't really wear it for very long at Anime North. My friend Pan wants to make a Merle costume so eventually we'll Cosplay from Escaflowne together and it will be awesome! I'll definitely do a shoot of the costume in 2016!

My aim for 2016 is to have a fun year. Hopefully finally travel (be it for a con or just for a trip). I don't really take vacations so I'm thinking I should start doing that while I'm still relatively young. A trip to see the coast of British Columbia would be awesome. Don't really want to venture back to the States or US conventions until the dollar improves, but maybe the stars will align and I'll give Otakuthon another try next year. 2015 was a bit of a challenging year for me and some of my friends so I just hope 2016 turns out to be exciting and adventurous. So best wishes to everyone in these last few days of the holiday season and for the upcoming new year!

November 2nd, 2015
Just a quick update as a follow-up to events of October. I had mentioned that I wanted to do a basic version of my upcoming Splatoon Inkling Girl costume for Halloween, but I ended up facing some difficulties that really put me off from working on any costumes. I ended up being disqualified from my driving test on October 19th. The horn on my brother's car wasn't working so the car didn't pass the safety check just before I started the test. I had worried so much about doing the test so it was a tremendous disappointment. I didn't really have the heart to put work into a Halloween costume so I just re-wore the scrubs from my Lisa Garland (Silent Hill: Shattered Memories) costume. I do plan to work on my Splatoon costume, but I'm probably not going to start it until I feel a bit more energetic. I feel a lot better these days, but I wasn't able to book another test until the end of the month so driving practice and fretting about the test is going to keep me plenty busy until then.

I did have a fun Halloween, though, and I hope everyone else enjoyed the holiday! I decorated my family's house again and hung out with my friends Pan and Adrien giving out candy. I received quite a few compliments on the decorations. I have plenty of light up decorations, hanging ghouls and a lot of fun candle holders so I pretty much lit up my front porch and created a spooky atmosphere. It's nice to bring a little bit of spirit to the neighbourhood. At least it cheered me up.

When I feel motivated I will start working on my Splatoon costume. Shouldn't take very long to finish it once I get it started. Then Madoka is next on the drawing board although I might not start that until after the holidays. Hopefully my plans will work out better than the last time I tried working on Madoka. I definitely want to have it done for AN next year. Hopefully November will be fairly stress free. I'm still getting the house in order from the renovation so once the clutter is a little more clear I will bring out my sewing machine and get cracking on costume work.

October 10th, 2015
We're fast approaching the mid-point of October and it's been a bit of an uneventful month so far. Today was supposed to be a Harry Potter photoshoot for me along with my friends Sakura and Pan, but something came up for Sakura so we're going to postpone the shoot. Until when I'm not sure. Probably not this year, though. Haven't had much luck with photoshoots this year. Besides shooting at cons I haven't done any shoots at all. I'l definitely have to pick up the slack next year!

I did finally order and get a wig for my Splatoon costume. I ordered a magnum in hot pink from Arda when they were having their sale recently and it arrived very quickly. The colour match isn't 100%, but it was nice that I could save a few dollars buying a wig. I was able to get the tentacles back from Sierra (the costumer who I commissioned them from) and they look super neat! I'm thinking of putting together a very basic version of the costume for Halloween. Probably just the wig and maybe the mask. I'm not sure if I'll get a chance to make an accurate mask before Halloween so I might just use my Batgirl mask. The rest of the outfit would just be a hoodie and pants and probably a coat. Have to be prepared for the harsh reality of evenings in late October. Should be fun anyway. I'll actually work on the costume for real in November.

I've been stressing a lot about my upcoming G driving test. That's still looming on October 19th. Haven't been able to get in much practice on the highway this month, but I'm still crossing my fingers that I pass on my first try. My biggest fear is that I psyche myself out because otherwise I'm ready. I definitely won't get 100%, but I would be happy with any kind of pass. Speaking of stressors, the renovation here is finally done. Still lots of work to do to get the house back in order so I can start sewing and get that Splatoon costume done. I also just bought a PS4 so that might be a bit of a distraction. XD I've been meaning to buy one since launch and I finally caved so I could play Until Dawn. Looking forward to gaming with the new system and some of the games coming up in 2016.

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