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Welcome to my Cosplay home on the net. My name is Rebecca (aka Stray Wind online). I've been Cosplaying since late 2001. I love the fellowship, challenges and creativity involved in making costumes. My forte is Cosplaying from survival horror video games as well as characters from Anime and games that I grew up enjoying. Since I began Cosplaying, I have made over 50 costumes and I've attended over 60 conventions and major events. Cosplaying is an exciting journey and I look forward to future projects and events as my journey in the world of Cosplay continues.

-+- Updates -+-

May 21st, 2015
AN starts tomorrow (although pre-reg badge pick-up is tonight) and I'm currently hard at work packing up my stuff and sorting out the goods I'm selling at the Nominoichi tomorrow. My Bulma costume is now totally ready to go as my friend Pan helped me trim the wig last wek. I'll be wearing Bulma tomorrow although I'm sad the weather is on the cool side for Friday. Bulma is a really fun character to Cosplay so I'm sure it'll be a nice experience to portray her again.

Ammie finished work on my Dilandau costume so I'll be getting that from her tomorrow. Adrien also finished up the sword prop. I'm so excited to wear Dilandau! The costume has turned out to be very expensive (the most expensive costume in my history of costuming) but the end result looks amazing and I can't wait to see how it fits! I've been working on styling the wig. It's not perfect, but hopefully it'll look nice with the costume. Dilandau is my ultimate dream costume so I'm pretty pumped for Saturday!

I feel a bit weird going to the con with only two costumes (one of which I don't have and I don't know how well it'll fit) but I'm going to try to take it easy once the craziness of the Nominoichi passes on Friday night. I feel a bit worn down with ColossalCon falling through and with a large number of events coming up in June so I hope I can just have some real fun this weekend. At the very least all the fuss over Colossal is over now. I was able to transfer my badge and my hotel room so I didn't lose any money (I actually made a few dollars getting a refund on my hotel room). Anyway, I hope everyone that's going to AN has an amazing weekend!

-+- Past Updates -+-

May 5th, 2015
Like every year since 2002 when I first started Cosplaying at cons and attending Anime North, May is shaping up to be a bit of a stressful month. Actually, Cosplay overall isn't the biggest stressor, but it is contributing. I'm still trying to work out the kinks in my upcoming Dilandau costume. Discussing costume progress with Ammie (who I'm commissioning the costume from) is keeping me on my toes. My boots finally arrived for the costume, but the wig for Dilandau (along with the wig for my Bulma costume) both still need to be trimmed. The biggest issue with Dilandau right now is figuring out the sword belt. My friend Adrien is making my sword, but Ammie lives in a different city so the costume won't come together until I get it at AN. Problem is that the sword is wooden and the weight of it needs to be considered. I'm not sure how the belt will come together and if I'll be able to use it at AN. I'm crossing my fingers that we can figure something out.

The bigger stress is sorting out holds and organizing my goods that I'm selling at the Nominoichi. I think if I sell again in future years I'm not going to bother posting my goods for holds in advance. It's a lot of work to upkeep lists and keep track of holds that come up or are cancelled. I'm powering through a lot of Anime goods this year anyway, to sell at the event so in future years I think it would be a lot more low key. At this point I'm looking forward to the moment when the event is over and I've cleared my table post-Nominoichi so I can relax. XD

My biggest current issue is the fact that plans for Colossalcon have fallen through. Sadly (unless something drastic happens) I won't be attending the con. It's a letdown because I was looking forward to the resort. The con itself seemed underwhelming, but I was looking forward to seeing some friends and relaxing at the pools, but some unexpected expenses on my end came up as well as some hotel roommates dropping out suddenly. That's made me change my mind on the con. Too bad I already bought a badge and the hotel is in my name. I'm looking to sell my badge and hopefully transfer my hotel room so I don't lose much money on the venture. It's really too bad it's gotten to the point where you have to book a hotel almost a year in advance to attend a con these days. You never know what your situation will be like in a year and real life happens.

I will say that since costume plans for Madoka have been put on hold until a mid-summer con, I wasn't really that pumped for Colossal in terms of Cosplay. Hopefully I'll have a great time at Anime North to make up for missing Colossal. I am definitely not skipping out on Atomic Lollipop so at least I have one other definite con to look forward to. Still, wish I could take a vacation this year. Maybe I'll try to actually go on a real vacation instead of just going to cons and calling that a vacation. Cons are so busy and complicated with Cosplay that they really aren't a holiday. XD They do have their charm, though, so I really do feel bad when I cancel plans to attend an event.

April 18th, 2015
I now have my wig for my upcoming Bulma Battle of the Gods costume. I just need to get it cut and the costume will be good to go for Anime North. I've decided to wear the costume on Friday of the con, which will coincide with the Nominoichi. Should be a fairly comfortable costume to wear during the busy event. I did get assigned a table (N172) and I'm currently preparing goods to sell. I'll have lots of figures, plush toys, wigs and Manga. Last year the Nominoichi was pretty stressful, but still lots of fun. Hopefully this year will be much of the same (but maybe a little less stressful!)

As for other AN plans, I believe Dilandau is still happening. Haven't really heard much about the costume progress, but I'm crossing my fingers for AN. My other costume plan for AN was Madoka's school uniform, which I was planning to make. I'm currently working on it with help from Pan. We started creating a pattern for the blouse, but it's taking some time. We've given up on getting our school uniform costumes done for AN and that means Colossal is pretty much out too. Our new goal is to try to get them done for Atomic Lollipop. The series has quite a bright and funky aesthetic especially when dealing with the witch worlds so the varying decor of the Science Centre would probably look really great for the series. I'll be pushing back working on my Sailor Moon Usagi summer school uniform until after Madoka so I might work on that in the mid summer or into the fall. I'll try to get sewing by mid-May or I might not finish my Madoka costume in time for Atomic Lollipop anyway. XD At least the costume should be done with plenty of time to spare before Anime North next year!

I'm still not sure what I might bring to Colossalcon. I'm thinking Sailor Mercury for the Sailor Moon group Ammie asked me to be in but my other plans are up in the air. I am considering bringing my Bulma Battle of the Gods costume and maybe some other old costume like my Dragon Ball Bulma costume. I'll make a decision probably by June. It's too bad Madoka has to be postponed, but I am still very excited to wear the costume when I finish it. March 24th, 2015
As of last night I finished up all the sewing parts of my Bulma DBZ: Battle of the Gods costume. I finished the dress and I lucked out by finding some material in an old fabric bin to make the scarf out of. I also got my boots in the mail and painted the light pink boot details. I'm just waiting on some shoelaces and my wig. A friend of a friend picked up the wig from Arda Canada at Toronto Comic Con, but I'm not quite sure when I'll be getting the wig. I also still need my friend Pan to help me style it. Having said that, the costume is almost good to go.

Now that Bulma is mostly done, I'll be able to take a quick break from sewing, but I'm figuring that I'll try to jump back into sewing in early April after Pan finishes her class and we'll try to get things going on Homura and Madoka together. I'm hoping that our approach of working together will see us getting the costumes done without too much trouble with time to spare before AN. I'm getting a bit worried as it took me quite a bit of time to work up the motivation to get the scarf and dress done for Bulma and that was a pretty simple costume. The school uniforms from Madoka definitely have a very tailored and detailed look to them. Crossing my fingers that we won't get overwhelmed. I still need to focus on the Nominoichi as well. Wish me luck! Worse comes to worse, I put off the costume. My friend Ammie is still working on my Dilandau costume so if everything works out, I'll have a lot of costume options for AN.

February 28th, 2015
It's been just over a month since I started working on my Bulma Battle of the Gods costume and it's over half done. I'm nearly done making the dress, but I ran into some problems finishing it as I forgot to buy thread for the dress and I've been using a purple thread that's a little too light. I want to see if I can buy a better shade of purple for finishing it up. I just need to finish the arm holes and hem the bottom of the dress. I also still need to make the green scarf. It shouldn't take long, but again the thread I have is way too light for the fabric. I'm also not 100% sold on the fabric I have for the scarf. It's a darker shade of lime green than the scarf Bulma is wearing and I'm not sure I like the colour match between the scarf and dress. I may just make the scarf to figure out the length and look and if I'm not happy I'll buy more fabric and re-make it.

I did recently buy my badge for Atomic Lollipop as the con opened up early pre-reg. APOP was a lot of fun last year so I'm really looking forward to the con in the summer this year. It's actually going to be a very busy start to the summer for me. Besides Anime North and hopefully selling at the Nominoichi again, I'm still set to attend Colossal in early June. I was also just asked by a friend to be a bridesmaid at her wedding, which is in late June. Needless to say, preparing for the wedding and wedding events, on top of attending a couple of cons and sewing costumes is going to make the spring very interesting! It was quite an honour for my friend to ask me to be part of her wedding party so it's also going to make for a very memorable year.

I still have yet to start my Madoka costume. Pan will be working on that with me when she finishes school at the end of March so hopefully by our powers combined we can power through making the Homura and Madoka costumes in the last 2 months before AN. I'm also not 100% sure if my friend Ammie will be finishing my Dilandau costume commission for AN this year so I might need to be selective about what costumes I wear to the con. With Colossal falling so close to AN, at least I have lots of costumes to pick from to bring to both events!

January 20th, 2015
It's been a month since my last update and the start of the year is now well behind us. I was hoping to have accomplished quite a bit during the Christmas break, but sadly that just wasn't in the cards. I suffered from a lack of motivation regarding working on Madoka's school uniform. I did actually visit my friend Pan and I sewed together a mock I had made from a commercial pattern for the blouse, but it was just too ill-fitted on me. Pan and I came to the conclusion that I'm too petite around my neck and upper chest for the ratios of commercial patterns. That explains why I had to put so many darts into the top of my Princess Peach dress and why I never could quite get the fit right. It's tricky to adjust that area properly. Anyway, after trying to salvage the pattern, Pan decided to sort through her old costumes and costume patterns and found an old costume blouse that is somewhat similar to Madoka's uniform. Since she'll be Cosplaying Homura and will also be making the uniform, she's going to try to modify the pattern for us. We're both petite so the pattern will definitely fit me. So sadly I've suffered a setback, but with Pan's help later on I'll get back on track. I'm still hoping to wear Madoka to Anime North, but I'm not quite sure when I can fit it into my costume schedule.

Speaking of AN, I only just ordered my pre-reg for the con. I was totally not prepared for the new ordering system and I missed joining up with friends for group reg and also, the cheapest pre-reg rate. Very disappointed in that, but I know to be more on top of reg for next year. I was looking forward to trying out the mailing system for badges, but since I couldn't find enough people for a group, I missed out. Oh well, at least I was still able to get a pass! They have less than 5,000 weekend badges left and it's only January! AN is sure popular!

In the last few weeks I've been looking for inspiration for simple projects to get me excited to sew again and I stumbled upon some artwork for Bulma from the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods movie. I've wanted to Cosplay as Bulma from DBZ since I Cosplayed her from Dragon Ball and I thought her purple dress was super cute. Seems like a fairly simple outfit to make. I just need to make a dress and a scarf. I bought purple fabric for the dress last weekend and I dug up some old green fabric that I had purchased for a Syaoran costume I never made. The fabric is finally going to come in handy! Pan lent me a pattern to use for the dress so I'm hoping to make it quickly. Hopefully I'll have it done by early February so I can get back into working on Madoka after that. It looks like I do have a few costume projects for 2015 already so it should be a productive year!

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