Future Costume Possibilities

Batgirl - DC Super Hero Girls

I started watching the DC Super Hero Girls web show in July of 2016 and I really loved the unique and fun outfit that was designed for Batgirl. I like her hoodie and neat bat jet pack. I already made Barbara's casual outfit from the web series so making her super hero outfit seems like a great idea. I have boots for the costume and a wig I can use. I've always wanted to do an official super hero costume for Barbara and this outfit looks both stylish and moderately comfortable.

Melty - Shining Hearts

I came across a figure of this character a couple of years ago and just loved her overall design. The Lolita witch look is something that really catches my eye. It's a very complicated outfit so I'm not sure if I'll ever make it. I might just get this one commissioned for me if I decide to Cosplay her.

Demon Nurse - Silent Hill 3

I've always wanted to get messy and do a monster character from a horror game. Since Silent Hill is my favourite horror game franchise, it seems only right to Cosplay a nurse from one of the games. I love the design of the nurses from 3. I think the peeling lips and creepy walk is really freaky. I'm really looking forward to tackling this project and learning about make-up and what not to really do justice to the monsters of SH.