Anbu Sasuke Uchiha - Naruto

Cost: $136
Time to Make: 21 hours
Timeline of Construction: July - August 2005



The majority of this costume was already made because this was just an alteration of my Random Anbu costume. I always wanted to convince my friends Sakura and Pan to Cosplay Team 7 with me and when we found out that a person we knew was planning to Cosplay Kakashi, we just had to do the team. Pan and Sakura were already set on being Naruto and Sakura so I defaulted to the angsty member of the team, Sasuke. Even Amanda joined us and Cosplayed Iruka.

We each made little changes to the outfits to mix in elements of the characters for interesting Anbu uniforms. I made Sasuke's leg bands, added a blue scarf, made shorts and I bought black versions of Sasuke's arm bands and I wore one to CNAnime for an interesting accent (for the later shoot I decided to just wear the gloves so it would look a little more uniform).

The most complicated (and expensive) additions to our costumes were the masks which were real labours of love. We used paper clay, plasticine, plaster and sacrificial foam heads in order to get nice smooth shapes and stable masks. It took quite a bit of work to get to the finished product. Pan did most of the painting on my mask because I lack artistic talent. I tried to give my mask a snake shape (since I wanted to work in his summon association) and I decided to give the mask horns for a touch of evilness. It was Pan's idea to have the curse seal on the side. I think it turned out really well and now the mask is hanging on my wall (and makes a nice decoration). I loved the group I was a part of! We had a blast taking photos together especially at our night photoshoot.

Events/Conventions this costume was worn to
CNAnime 2005 (Saturday) & to an outdoor ANBU group photoshoot on Tuesday, August 20th, 2005

Photo Credits
Pan and Elemental