Angela Orosco - Silent Hill 2

Cost: $35
Time to Make: 5 minutes
Timeline of Construction: October 2007



This was pretty much a closet Cosplay (although I did buy red jeans since it's not a colour that I would typically wear) that I did because I really love Silent Hill 2. It's my favourite game of the Silent Hill series because the psychological element makes it so interesting. I decided to Cosplay Angela because I found a really nice black wig on eBay that inspired me.

I already had a white turtleneck and it wasn't that hard to find red jeans at a thrift clothing store. I only wore this costume for a brief photoshoot outside of a school near my house. The fact that I brought a kitchen knife as a prop made the shoot a very quick one. My little brother was the photographer so I didn't exactly get an amazing set of pictures, but a few of them turned out nicely. I'm probably going to seriously Cosplay Angela at some point. She was an interesting character in the game because of how traumatic her past was and her experiences in the town really add to the psychological aspect of the game.

I really need to get a better turtleneck and a pair of jeans that fit me properly (the pair I bought was too big and fit me awkwardly). I also need to find a pair of dark blue shoes since my black and pink shoes, which actually had holes in them, didnít exactly cut it. XD Anyway, I had fun Cosplaying her and if I get the chance, it would be cool to Cosplay Angela again.

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