Celia - Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

Cost: $55
Costume Bought From: Beverly
Costume Bought in: October 2007



I bought the special edition of Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life in early October because I was intrigued when I found the game for cheap at Cosco and I enjoyed playing it. I'm not much of an RPG fan, but it was fun enough and I'm sure from time to time, that I'll continue to play it. I really thought Celia was a cute character in the game and I was contemplating making her dress when I noticed Beverly was selling a version of the outfit that she had made. It wasn't very expensive so I decided to support her by buying it.

The costume was quite adorable and it was fun wearing a long skirt and an apron and feeling like a farm girl in the city. I had to make a few adjustments to it since it's a little too big for me, but the costume was a blast to wear. I bought some cheap flowers and found a flower basket for a prop that actually looked really pretty and I even managed to find blue feathers at a bead store. It was nice to have a feather since in my game I ended up using a blue feather to propose to Celia. (^^);; I just wish that I didn't end up buying such a terrible wig to go with the costume. It shed a lot.

When I re-wore this costume at Anime North 2011, I borrowed a wig from Pan that worked out nicely for Celia. I wasn't really happy with the original photos I had of this costume because the photos were taken outside, in the middle the winter and I was wearing minimal makeup so they weren't very flattering. Since then I've learned a lot about makeup for Cosplay and that makes a world of difference. Hopefully one day I'll do a shoot of this costume in a rural setting.

Events/Conventions this costume was worn to
March Toronto AnimeCON 2008 (Saturday), Anime North 2011 (Sunday) & Otakuthon 2013 (Sunday)

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