Clair - Heat Guy J

Cost: $50
Time to Make: 8 hours
Timeline of Construction: August 2005



I found a really neat music video that compared Clair from Heat Guy J to Dilandau from Escaflowne and since I'm a huge Dilandau fan, Clair caught my eye. I eventually found DVD copies of Heat Guy J and I really liked the series. Since Clair's outfit is really simple, I decided to Cosplay him.

This costume turned out to be very experimental and I would say that the experiment wasn't very successful. XD Most of the costume was really easy to do. I managed to find a purple shirt in Old Navy that was the perfect colour and style for Clair. I still wear said shirt from time to time. The pants were Pan's Yugi pants which I just borrowed since they were as close to leather pants as I was willing to wear. (^^);; The shoes were actually an old pair of slippers that I painted black. The paint didn't really stick that well but they served their purpose and lasted through the day when I wore this to CNAnime in '05. I even had a lip ring which had been an old earring of Pan's that I just broke the clasp off of (and disinfected of course). For fun I even painted a grenade and a gun for props. :3

The big issue was the wig for this costume. Clair has rather bizarre hair and since I wasn't very knowledgeable when it came to wigs at the time, I decided to paint the front bangs of a black spiky wig to get the right colour. I really shouldn't have tried this method since it didn't really work for a variety of reasons. Painting wig fiber makes it very stiff and it can be somewhat flaky. I also had problems because the quality of the wig that I found to use was rather poor. (~_~);; I'm very tempted to make this costume again one day when I know more about wigs and can sew in extensions or sew two wigs together. I really like Heat Guy J and it's a very under appreciated series.

Events/Conventions this costume was worn to
CNAnime 2005 (Sunday)

Photo Credits
Bonnie and Chibik3r0