Eiji Kikumaru - Prince of Tennis

Cost: $0
Costume Borrowed From: Pan
Time to Make: 5 minutes
Timeline of Construction: May 2005



I really wanted a fourth costume to wear to AN and I had started working on a simple new one a few days before the con, but I ran out of time and energy to finish it. Instead, I talked to Pan a day before we left for AN and asked her if we could do Golden Pair Cosplay for the Thursday night Sneak Peek Party. I was planning to borrow her Seigaku uniform and Cosplay Oishi and she agreed to be Eiji. When we got to the con, though, she was hesitant to wear her Eiji costume because of the state of her wig. Pan decided to wear her Hiroki costume instead so while I was picking what to wear in the hotel room, I decided to just try on Pan's wig to see what state it was in. I got some complements from my roommates about how nice the wig looked on me and how much I looked like Eiji (since I was wearing the Seigaku uniform while I was trying it on). It was really comfortable to wear so I decided to Cosplay Eiji instead of Oishi.

I used masking tape to make the bandage-thing Eiji wears on his cheek on Thursday and on Saturday when I wore this costume again, I used double-sided tape. For fun, I wore my Oishi hand puppet on my hand. This costume wasn't mine so I take zero credit for it (all of that goes to Pan). This costume was super comfy and a welcome change after wearing cumbersome and uncomfortable costumes the rest of AN. It was tons of fun Cosplaying Eiji!

Events/Conventions this costume was worn to
Thursday night Sneak Peek Party at Anime North 2005, to the Saturday night J-Pop Dance at Anime North 2005 and to the CNE on Saturday, September 3rd, 2005

Photo Credits
Lionel & Pan