Envy - Full Metal Alchemist

Cost: $0
Time to Make: 15 hours
Timeline of Construction: February 2005 - March 2005



Midway through watching all of Full Metal Alchemist I decided I wanted to Cosplay as someone from the series. For some reason I felt drawn to Envy. I was originally planning to Cosplay Nana for the V-Day Dance, but I decided to put off that costume and therefore, I had nothing planned. Having just finished FMA a couple of weeks before the dance, I thought it would be fun to do a FMA costume for the dance. Of course, university sucks and I was busy studying for a test right up until the Tuesday before I needed to have the costume completed. I ended up having family issues and sewing machine problems that forced me to go to Pan's house 4 hours before the dance to work on my costume.

The entire costume was made from leftover material from the cape of my Kamui costume (except the initial shirt) so this costume cost $0 to make. The first thing that I made before all the trouble started was the armbands that took all of about 20 minutes to make. I measured my arm, cut out rectangles of material and sewed a seam. After trying them on, I cut holes for my thumbs and they were done. (I did have to cut the arm bands down a bit because I made them a little too long). I found some of old socks with holes that I cut to match Envy's design and I hemmed them. I altered a pants pattern by shortening it to make the shorts. I didn't get a chance to hem the bottom or the top of the shorts before I ran into problems with my sewing machine.

I made the skirt out of two squares of material that I sewed together with short seams along the sides. I failed at making a shirt by myself. At this point it was Saturday afternoon right before the dance. I called Pan (who had finished her Hiroki outfit from Lead) and she offered to help me finish my costume. I went over to her house and she used her machine to hem everything. She also found a turtleneck that had been a part of her Lime costume that worked freakishly well for Envy. All that had to be done to it was that Pan hemmed it.

Envy's tattoo on his leg was drawn on me using markers and Pan's fabulous skills. It turned out really well even though she didn't think so. I really liked it. I had originally planned to borrow Pan's black wig for this costume, but Pan thought it would be more accurate with my own hair. Considering Envy's hair, I'm not sure how I should react to that comment. I had a lot of fun Cosplaying Envy. The costume was cool, comfy and perfect for a dance. I even got to take several pictures with Bianco who was dressed as Greed.

After the dance, I posted about potentially organizing an FMA Cosplay group for MTAC and within a couple of days, a group had formed. By the time the photoshoot happened, we had all seven sins (with Greed x2), Hawkeye, Ed and Roy. (^_^) We had a great time taking photos (thanks to Amanda) and everyone looked awesome! (^^) The red detailing on the back of Envy's shirt and on his headband had been added thanks to an afternoon I spent at Pan's house working with her on it. We used red felt that we sewed to the fabric and she taped it to my skin. The red dots in the centre of the red circles were done using marker. It was a pleasure to Cosplay as Envy. I got to be part of a big group and we had a blast doing a photoshoot together.

Events/Conventions this costume was worn to
Valentine's Day J-Pop dance 2005 & March Toronto AnimeCON 2005 (Sunday)

Photo Credits
Pan & Elemental