Eternal Sailor Saturn - Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

Cost: $415
Costume Bought From: Ammie
Silence Glaive Made By: Adrien (t_toast)
Costume Bought in: October 2010



In late 2009 Amber had asked me if I wanted to be part of a big Eternal Sailor Scout group she was organizing for Fan Expo 2010. She suggested that I Cosplay Saturn in the group and I was so thrilled by the idea. Saturn has always been my favourite Outer Scout. Plans changed and we didn't end up doing the group for Fan Expo that year, but we finally got the group together for Fan Expo 2011 and it was awesome to help Ammie bring her vision to life.

Despite the change of plans for the group in 2010, I commissioned Ammie to make an Eternal Sailor Saturn costume for me for that year. In August I found that there was extra car and hotel space with my friends going down to Youmacon, so I was thrilled to invite Ammie to come with us. We discussed costume plans and we decided to Cosplay as Pluto and Saturn at the con. During the summer Ammie bought a new wig for Sailor Pluto and I had been itching for a reason to see her Cosplay as Pluto again because she portrays Pluto so beautifully.

I commissioned Ammie to make my fuku because her pattern and technique for making Sailor fukus is out of this world. She found absolutely gorgeous fabrics to use to make my fuku and I couldn't be happier with the end result! My wig is a New Look Bob wig in black. With some trimming along the bangs, it was perfect for Saturn. I bought the same wig that I originally borrowed from Ammie when I wore her Saturn costume at AN 2010. My tiara was from Catzia as Ammie was kind enough to include me in a group order of tiaras from the site during the summer.

I borrowed Ammie's amazing Silence Glaive when I wore my costume at Youmacon, but I commissioned my friend Adrien to make me my own Silence Glaive in 2011 for the big group at Fan Expo. I just love Cosplaying as Sailor Saturn so it was a real pleasure wearing this costume at Youma and getting to Cosplay with Ammie. The costume looked so beautiful and every detail was captured so nicely. I can't thank Ammie enough for letting me commission her to make my costume. She's really talented and a total sweetheart. :3

At Fan Expo 2011 I participated in a full Eternal Sailor Senshi group. We even had an awesome Tuxedo Mask! Adrien completed work on the Silence Glaive that I had commissioned him to make for me in late 2010 and the care and level of detail that he put into it blew me away. It really looks wonderfully executed and was worth every penny. I love getting props from Adrien! Being a part of Ammie's dream group at Fan Expo was a great experience. I'm really glad that I could help make her dream a reality and I had so much fun doing it!

Events/Conventions this costume was worn to
Youmacon 2010 (Friday daytime) & Fan Expo 2011 (Saturday daytime)

Photo Credits
Kyle Mistry, Paul Henman, IcePhoenix, Adley Lobo & Stillvisions