Eureka - Eureka Seven

Cost: $35
Time to Make: 30 hours
Timeline of Construction: May 2007



This costume was a very spontaneous choice for me. I had been talking to my friend Pam about potential costume choices for AN '07 a month before con and I only had a couple of my costumes already picked out. We wanted to do more costumes together, but I couldn't really think of anything to do and I really didn't want to do anything too complicated. I randomly got a call from her a few weeks before AN and she told me she had started making an Eureka dress for me since she wanted to Cosplay Renton and wanted me to Cosplay with her. I have never watched the series and knew nothing about the character, but I was touched that she made parts of the costume for me and I agreed to Cosplay with her.

About two weeks before the con she sent me a package of the parts of the costume that she had managed to finish and my mother and I had to rush to finish it. Parts of it actually didn't fit me (the sleeves specifically) and my mom spent ages trying to figure out the best way to adjust them. I was working on sewing buttons, hemming the dress and making all the accessories. I made the leg pouch, which was really cheesy, (it had a dollar store cell phone holder as a base) and the necklace was made from a long piece of tubing with a marker cap as the black clasp. I also had to sew on the pockets, the silver straps and blue overall pieces, and the blue detailing at the bottom of the sleeves. It was a bit tricky to do the boot details since I didn't want to buy a whole new pair of boots but my white boots weren't that accurate (and hurt like heck to wear). I just used felt that I glued onto my boots using white glue. It was a very slow process but worked quite nicely. Too bad the felt colouring was a little off. (>.<);; I also made the arm patch which I realized existed just a couple of days before con. It was pretty simple since I just made it out of bits of foam.

Pan lent me a blue wig for Eureka and styled it nicely for me at AN. Unfortunately I failed at styling it when she wasn't around at Fan Expo. It looks rather off in the pictures Kevin took of me in this costume. I also had trouble making the hair clips. I made one clip out of model magic before AN, but it broke at the con. I had trouble getting the long clip that I spray painted to catch the wig hair and for Fan Expo I just used a spray painted snap hair clip for the second hair clip that she has (it wasn’t accurate at all).

The colours of the costume were really pretty and despite how short the dress was by the time I had it hemmed properly for Fan Expo, it was still nice to Cosplay Eureka. I so rarely Cosplay characters wearing dresses so it was neat experience.

Events/Conventions this costume was worn to
Anime North 2007 (Sunday) & Fan Expo 2007 (Friday)

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