Syaoran (Flame) - Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE

Cost: $300
Time to Make: 30 hours
Timeline of Construction: April - May 2006
Award: Hall Costume Award - Anime North 2006



This costume was a real labour of love and it sadly will never be finished. I got it to the point of being about 60% done when I wore it and I did plan to finish it, but the costume was left at my friend's Sakura place and when she moved out the costume was thrown away. I'm a little sad that I never got to finish it or do a proper photoshoot, but I am still happy that I took on a challenge and I made this costume.

Sakura and I wanted to make these costumes when we saw the beautiful colour illustration for them, but it turned out to be a very big undertaking. It was hard to find a nice white material to use so we ended up using a very heavy material meant for drapes. We overbought paint for the costume because the craft store where Sakura found nice colour paint was going out of business. The bulk of the cost of this costume came from buying tons of paint.

We had to make our own patterns and I'm terrible at that so I struggled a lot with making this costume. We worked really hard to get the painting done the week before con. I'm terrible at art, but I like the patterns I managed to come up with. Painting the fabric taught me a lot about the effect paint has on fabric. It got very stiff. By AN we were both nowhere near done our costumes (but Sakura's looked a lot better than mine). Parts of my costume needed to be pinned together so I didn't find wearing this outfit very enjoyable. It looks nice in the few photos I have of it.

The parts that I never got to finish included detailing that needed to be added to the boots, the obi needed to be properly made and the undershirt needed to be finished and painted. Despite the fact it wasn't finished, Sakura and I did receive hall costume awards at AN that year. I don't completely feel like I deserved the award, but it did take a lot of work to get these costumes even partially finished. I just wish we had competed the outfits and that we were able to do a proper character photoshoot.

Events/Conventions this costume was worn to
Anime North 2006 (Saturday)

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