Syaoran (Formal) - Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE

Cost: $0
Costume Borrowed From: Pan
Timeline of Construction: February 2009



When I finally decided to go to Katsucon in late December, I started talking with Sakura about my costume plans. She told me that she was planning to work on a Sakura costume and she really wanted us to Cosplay together. For a few days I was seriously considering working on a rather complicated outfit of Syaoran's from Tokyo Revelations. I got my wits about me and realized that I couldn't pull it off with just a few weeks to go before the con. Instead, Sakura suggested that I borrow a formal gothic inspired outfit from Pan. The outfit was something Pan had bought (and was partially a gift from several us) from FanPlusFriend a couple of years ago. I've been itching to borrow the outfit since it's a rather lovely long formal coat with an undershirt that has a gorgeous cravat. Of course it's not really an outfit of Syaoran's, but it played the part well and it did resemble the style of outfit he sometimes wore in some of the worlds that the group visited such as Jade Country. Sakura looked stunning at the con so I was really lucky to have such a wonderful Cosplay partner. A lot of people thought we made a really cute Cosplay couple and we had a lot of fun wearing our outfits on Valentine's Day.

Events/Conventions this costume was worn to
Katsucon 2009 (Saturday)

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