Heather Mason - Silent Hill 3

Cost: $115
Time to Make: 16 hours
Timeline of Construction: July - August 2007 (with some improvements in May 2008)
Award: Photo by Elemental was chosen as a Daily Deviation on deviantART on March 31st, 2012


Anime North 2008 & Beyond

Fan Expo 2007


I've loved the Silent Hill games since late 2005 and I wanted to Cosplay from one of the games, but I couldn't figure out what character to Cosplay. In mid-2007 I finally decided that I could Cosplay Heather and the hunt began for pre-existing clothes to modify. The skirt was actually a pair of pants my friend Pan helped me alter to the right length. The shirt was part of my Haku costume. I cut off the sleeves and I used them to make the armbands so they would match. I bought a pair of boots on eBay and just used bias tape for the details on them.

The vest was originally a windbreaker jacket that was a lucky find at a thrift shop. I removed the sleeves and used the sleeve material to make the pockets. When I wore this costume to Fan Expo 2007, my friend Crimson dressed up as a nurse so we spent much of the con posing together. <3 She also made a really nice rusty steel pipe for me to use as a prop. I'm looking forward to wearing this costume again and hopefully being part of group. I love looking for neat Silent Hillish photo spots around town!

In May 2008 I fixed up this costume to wear to Anime North because I was being a panelist on a Silent Hill panel. I bought a new wig and the style of it matched Heather's really well. The colour was a bit darker than I had hoped for, but overall it was a great wig. I found a brown permanent marker which I used along with a black one to create highlights in the wig along the part and the bangs. I also managed to find a semi-accurate flashlight which had to be sewn into the pocket of the vest because the pocket was too deep. I decided to paint the base of my boots orange to make them more accurate. I started painting my boots at Pan's house and used Gesso to give the paint something to stick to. It took a lot of coats of Gesso and paint, but eventually I was happy with the coverage. My dad then used a waterproof spray so the paint wouldn't run if I stepped into a puddle. I also added nonfunctional buckle details to the boots.

This costume marks one of the first times that I did some experimentation with makeup. I used various red and pink eyeshadows to make the swollen eye effect Heather has in the game. I'm pretty happy with this costume. I may eventually make or buy a new jean mini skirt because the colour of my current one is a bit off, but other than that I have no really major complaints. (^^) This costume started my addiction with Cosplaying from my favourite horror video games so you can expect more horror costumes from me in the years to come.

Events/Conventions this costume was worn to
Fan Expo 2007 (Saturday & Sunday), Anime North 2008 (Friday), Ohayocon 2010 (Saturday night) & Fan Expo 2011 (Sunday)

Photo Credits
Stillvisions, SolarTempest, Eurobeat Kasumi, EggyCham & Elemental