Heather Mason (Zipper Shirt) - Silent Hill 3

Cost: $30
Time to Make: 7 hours
Timeline of Construction: February 2009



A couple of weeks before Katsucon I was bored at work and I decided to start working on a photoshop version of the logo from the zipper alternate shirt for Heather in Silent Hill 3. I really like some of the designs for Heather's alternate costumes and I like the fact that the zipper shirt says Silent Hill. I decided to try to make it and if I liked how it turned out, bring it to Katsucon.

It took me several hours to make the image for the shirt. I started off by cutting out the original image from photos online of the outfit and I blew it up. I then reconstructed the picture using various photo tools (sharpening, burning, flood fill...). I made a new zipper using triangles, rectangles and shadowing. The zipper pull was cut and added from a picture that I found online. The text was done using a Silent Hill font. I bought iron-on transfer paper and printed out the image.

The shirt was bought and altered. It was really last minute so it didn't turn out very well. I looked in a ton of stores before I found a short sleeved t-shirt in Old Navy that I settled on. The shirt was super long and it's still way too long even after I cut and hemmed it. I figured that since it was winter it was ok if I left it a little long. I had a lot of trouble removing the sleeves from the shirt. I screwed up on one side and removed too much material. XD I think the shirt worked out alright, but if I ever plan to wear this again, I have to redo it. I had a little bit of trouble with setting the iron-on transfer and the main zipper image shifted a bit. It still looked alright but it cracked a lot so I probably should have done more than one layer.

The rest of the outfit was really simple. The necklace was a shoestring that I tied around my neck. I accidentally tied it on the wrong side. XD The jeans were the same pair that I wore with my Matt costume (which I borrowed from Pan). I also got blue spandex material from Pan that I used to make the armbands. The other accessories (watch and light) were from my original costume. I know she doesn't wear her flashlight near her waist but I thought it looked sort of neat attached to my pocket. :3

Actually, right after I finished working on this costume I talked to Pan and had an epiphany that I should have just made the costume using a real zipper. lol It would have been faster and probably would have looked a million times better. Since this is pretty obscure, I figured it wouldn't matter the first time I wore it. I ended up only wearing this outfit for about two hours on Saturday night. I wasn't going to wear it but I asked SolarTempest for a shoot so I would have some photo evidence that I actually did make this outfit.

Events/Conventions this costume was worn to
Katsucon 2009 (Saturday night)

Photo Credits

*Reference image from Silent Hill: Lost Memories