Hermione Granger - Harry Potter Franchise

Cost: $81
Time to Make: 0 hours
Costume Made By : Pan
Timeline of Construction: October 2016



Deciding to Cosplay as Hermione was a bit random. I've actually wanted to Cosplay as Hermione for a few years now. Pretty much since Pan made me a Gryffindor robe back in 2010. I know from time to time I've been told that I have a passing resemblance to Emma Watson so I would love to play with that by Cosplaying movie Hermione. I just never got a chance to Cosplay her before because my schedule has been so busy with other costumes. I don't usually go to events in the fall or winter when wearing heavy robes would be appropriate.

In early October my friend Stillvisions mentioned that he was considering going to the Anime North Halloween and Doujinshi Festival on October 28th and that put the idea in my mind to go as well. I talked to Pan about it, but we both weren't sure if it would fit into our schedules. The last few days before Halloween are usually pretty hectic for me as I need to sort out decorations, carve pumpkins and get my place ready to be the cool house on the block for Trick or Treaters. It's a lot of work. XD The last time I had been to an AN Halloween event was in 2007. Back then the event was a Halloween dance only and once I started going to Youmacon the dance usually conflicted with the con dates or I was too busy preparing for Youma to attend it. After not attending the event for a decade it seemed like a fun idea to give the event another shot and see how it had changed. Not to mention, I love all things Halloween so I was looking forward to going to another Halloween themed event.

It was about a week before the Festival before I decided to go so that meant picking out a costume to wear. I was originally debating between wearing my Halloween Lolita Witch Rei costume or maybe re-wearing my Tennis Princess Peach dress when Pan suggested maybe wearing our Harry Potter robes again to do a duo Cosplay. The days were getting a bit colder so the robes were looking pretty tempting. I could have Cosplayed as Ron as I have a wig for the costume ready to go and eventually I'm supposed to be Ron as part of a trio with Pan as Harry and Sakura as Hermione. I'm not a huge fan of Ron and Sakura wasn't coming to the Halloween event so I thought why not be Hermione instead since Pan wanted to be Harry.

Well, we settled on our costume plans just a couple of days before the event so I had to make do with what I had for the character. I didn't really have a curly brown or dirty blonde wig to suit book or movie Hermione so Pan lent me her old Hermione wig, which was dark brown. For the outfit I had most of the clothing already. We bought white blouses back in 2010 when we first wore our Harry Potter robes. We also already had ties and I had mary jane shoes that I typically wear with my Lolita outfits. Of course, the best part of the outfit is the gorgeous school robe Pan made for me back in 2010. It's beautifully lined and looks so nicely made. A new addition that I had for this costume is that at Fan Expo this year we found a booth in the dealer's hall that was selling house sweaters for a pretty good price. They actually had Gryffindor sweaters for $50 in our size (xsmall) so we jumped at a chance to get them then with the hope of wearing them for our trio shoot. Nice that they came in handy sooner than expected! I had planned to go with her original movie look of a grey skirt with knee high grey socks. Pan was going to lend me the socks and I found my old Orihime skirt in a fabric bin. I was kind of surprised that I still had it since I last wore Orihime in 2007. That skirt was a bit short for Hermione, but it was the best I had. Pan even lent me her time turner necklace.

I met up with Pan on the day of the dance to get ready at her place. She tends to keep my robe with hers as I have a big white dog at home so storing my robe without the worry of it getting covered in dog hair is tricky. It was quite cold that day and so I decided not to go through the hassle of wearing a skirt. Pan lent me a pair of black pants and black socks instead and it was nice. Kept me comfortable throughout the event.

The Halloween festival was a lot of fun! Hanging out with Stillvisions and Pan at the event was really a highlight of my 2016 Halloween season. The fall of 2016 was a bit rough for my family so I enjoyed a night of partying. It was interesting to see how the event has changed. As I mentioned back in 2007 and in the years prior, the event was just a dance with very few other things to do. Now in 2016 the event offered an artist and dealer's room, video game and board game areas, a screening room and a crafting area. They even had booths selling Japanese snacks and really high quality dessert items. My sweet tooth loved the soda jelly and the pumpkin pie creme brulee! Meanwhile the dance part of the event was the last thing on the minds of attendees. Such a switch from a decade ago!

Pan and I had a blast being Harry and Hermione. We took a few photos throughout the evening especially around the craft area and one of the exhibit halls. Pan had a great time making pipe cleaner and pompom spiders and I loved seeing the vendors in the artist area. Pan makes such a cute Harry Potter! It definitely felt nice to have a weather appropriate costume for the fall season. I'm looking forward to Cosplaying as Hermione again. I would like to get my own wig that's a little bit more like the movie version of the character. Pan's wig despite being from 2010, still looked really good and I'm surprised how nice it looked on me. When I wear this costume again I definitely want to get a skirt and either Cosplay her first year outfit (her knee length grey pleated skirt) or her more mature school outfit (a black skirt with black tights). I guess I'll see what skirt catches my eye. I'll probably stick to buying the outfit pieces so we'll see what I can get my hands on, but it was really fun to Cosplay from the Harry Potter series again especially now that Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them is reinvigorating the franchise! I'm looking forward to more future Harry Potter shenanigans with my friends! (^_^)

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Anime North-JCCC Halloween and Doujinshi Festival 2016

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