Husky - +Anima

Cost: $15
Time to Make: 10 hours
Timeline of Construction: November 2003



I had planned to make an Integra (Hellsing) costume for Halloween and have it done before TAC in November, but in the end that costume didn't work out so a week before TAC I decided to make a Husky costume from +Anima instead. I noticed he wears a grey travelling cloak that I figured would be easy to make. I found a long light blue wig at Walmart the day before Halloween and when I went to Pan's house to borrow her Inuyasha costume, she cut my wig for me and did a great job on it.

After my mom bought me grey fabric four days before the con, I struggled my way through my school work to work on this costume. I already had a pair of black boots and for the wet suit, I just wore black tights and a plain black shirt. Since I didn't have proper blue shorts, I wore a pair of dark blue jean shorts and kept them up with a black belt. My dad helped me out with the staff. It was made out of a broom stick handle with styrofoam at the ends and elastic bands as decorations. He painted it with light blue house paint. The gloves were purchased two days before the con at a dollar store and had ugly leopard print fabric at the bottom which I altered by sewing grey fabric over top.

My mom pretty much saved me on the cloak because she worked on it when I didn't have the time to. We cut a hole for my head and hemmed up the bottom to the length that I wanted. Since I didn't want my clothes underneath to show, my mom sewed little arm holes for me. (^_^);; The collar was reinforced with interfacing so it would stand up and my mom used really shiny black ribbon, along with pieces of grey material, to make a pseudo belt at the top.

Having done that, Husky, my second +Anima costume, and my seventh real costume, was done! I skipped out on making a lot of details and I never took my glasses off for photos so I have almost no photos of this costume that I like. I still really enjoyed Cosplaying Husky because my friend Sakura borrowed my Cooro costume and we got to Cosplay together. We had a lot of fun! :3

Events/Conventions this costume was worn to
Toronto AnimeCON 2003 & Japan Day 2004 (high school event)