Costumes In Progress

Wendy Darling - Peter Pan
To be Completed For: 2024
Cost: $80
Status: 5% complete

Several years ago, my friend Ammie surprised me with a Wendy costume as a Christmas present. I only got to wear it once and I thought it was so pretty. Unfortunately, I outgrew the costume and couldn't wear it again. Since I liked how the costume looked so much, I decided to remake the costume myself. Should be a somewhat simple project and I'm hoping to make it in the next couple of years.

R. Dorothy Wayneright - The Big O
To be Completed For: Spring 2022
Cost: $183
Status: 100% complete

Dorothy as a character is someone that I've wanted to Cosplay for nearly my whole Cosplay career. The Big O was one of the first Anime I watched once I got into going to conventions. The first few episodes were screening at the 2001 Canadian National Anime Expo (what Fan Expo was called back then) and I watched all the episodes they were showing at the con. The Big O is one of my favourite Anime because it has such an interesting vibe. I wanted to Cosplay Dorothy back then, but I really didn't want to paint my skin white to match her design. Now 20 years later, I figured since I'm pale why not just portray her without white makeup. I've been enjoying making nostalgic costumes these last few years so it seemed like a fun project. Her design is fairly straightforward so I'm hoping it'll be easy to make over the winter into the spring of 2022. Not sure if I'll be back at cons and such next year, but I think Cosplaying Dorothy will be really interesting. Hopefully there are still a few old-timers out there that might recognize the costume as the series is pretty obscure these days!

Dilandau - Vision of Escaflowne
To be Completed For: Anime North 2015
Cost: $876
Status: Commissioning Ammie to make it - 100% complete

This is a dream Cosplay of mine. Dilandau has always been one of my favourite Anime characters; in fact, he is my favourite Anime villain. I've had my eye on Cosplaying him pretty much since I started Cosplaying in 2001 and I don't think I'll ever quite get to the skill level where I can make this costume and do it justice. I decided to commission my friend Ammie to make it for me as she's made several costumes for me (like all my Sailor Scout fukus and my Nurse Lolita Rebecca Chambers costume) so I know the costume will be top notch! My awesome friend Adrien will be making my sword for me. He previously made my S.T.A.R.S. pistol for Rebecca and my Silence Glaive for Saturn so it's sure to be an awesome prop! This costume is going to break the bank a bit, but it'll be worth it to finally wear a dream costume! Update August 2015: The costume was technically done for AN, but there were some issues with the fit because I was unable to try the costume on as Ammie was making it. I wore it briefly on Saturday of AN, but it still needed some work. In July 2015 I visited Ammie and she fixed up various parts of the costume including taking in the jacket and pants, reducing the collar, adding interfacing to the boot tops, painting the boots and she helped me style the high bangs into the wig. Adrien is just putting the finishing touches on an updated version of the belt to match the sword he made so the costume should be good to go later on in 2017. Update November 2017: The costume is now complete as Adrien has helped me finish remaking the belt. It's almost winter now so I won't be able to do a shoot this year, but hopefully next spring I'll arrange for an Escaflowne shoot with Pan as Merle.

Super Sailor Chibi Moon - Sailor Moon SuperS
To be Completed For: Summer 2014
Cost: $121.50
Status: 100% complete

This costume was a gift from my friend Ammie for my birthday in 2012. It was so sweet of her! I purchased the Chibi Moon wig that I had previously borrowed from her when I wore Ammie's Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon costume at Fan Expo a few years ago and after collecting a few accesssories, my costume is now ready to wear. I'm not quite sure which con I'm going to wear this to, but it should be at some point in 2017. Hopefully I'll be able to do a shoot with Ammie in her gorgeous Super Sailor Moon costume!