Kamui Shirou - X TV

Cost: $40
Time to Make: 15 hours
Timeline of Construction: December 2004



I had always wanted to Cosplay from X ever since I saw the movie years ago. After watching the TV series, my love for X grew exponentially. Kamui was the character that I liked the most in the series so I decided I should Cosplay him. From the look of his outfit, I thought it would be something fairly simple to do for a smaller con in 2004. I finally settled on making it for DTAC. This costume took a lot longer to make than I had expected.

The type of collar I needed to make for Kamui's shirt was a pain to work out. Since I have a really simple and fast pattern for making pants, I decided to make my very own pair of black pants. It only took a couple of hours to make them and I think they turned out pretty well. I used my all purpose black shoes for this costume after getting them polished. The shirt was made from a jersey material that was nice to work with. I had to combine multiple patterns to get the collar I needed. This costume also needed a lot of velcro to hold it together. Velcro is on one side of the collar (to keep it closed) and down the shirt. Red bias tape was used for the detailing around the cuffs, collar, edges of the body and for a fake pocket.

The cape was made using an old pattern for a circus costume. The cape was also made from a black jersey material. When I first started working on it, I was worried it wouldn't be a comfortable and easy to manage cape, but it turned out to be surprisingly light-weight and sat on my shoulders without slipping. Although I didn't really like lining a black cape with a different coloured lining material, in Kamui's case I had to (since the colour of the lining in his cape is purple). I didn't have enough time to add a collar to the cape, though, so it was inaccurate.

The wig was borrowed from Amanda and belongs to Pan. It's a Harry Potter wig, but I think it worked ok for Kamui. A big thank you goes out to my mother for helping me out with this costume. I did as much as I could by myself, but I was running low on time to work on Kamui with tests coming up in university. I had fun Cosplaying as Kamui, but this costume had its share of problems and has been retired.

Events/Conventions this costume was worn to
December Toronto AnimeCON 2004