Lisa Garland - Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Cost: $129
Time to Make: 6 hours
Timeline of Construction: October 2010



I've been interested in Cosplaying Lisa from Shattered Memories since I heard that she was going to be in the game. Shattered Memories is a reimagining of Silent Hill 1. I was a bit disappointed in her short lived appearance in the game and different personality from the first game, but she grew on me as a character. I figured this would be a very simple costume to put together so I've been meaning to Cosplay Lisa all year. Back in the summer when Leesers was convinced to come to Youmacon, we started talking about Cosplay plans and the suggestion of a Shattered Memories group was brought up by Leesers. Avianna, Miri and I were quick to join in along with Solstice_Wind so we had enough people to pretty much cover most of the cast. I convinced my friend Ammie to join the group in September since I knew she would be a perfect fit for the character of Michelle because of her beauty. (^^)

Putting together this costume was simple and yet challenging. I had other work and Cosplay projects on the go so I didn't have time or the drive to make my own scrubs. I did several hours of research on the net and found that the company MOBB makes some great scrubs that have the right colour and general style to match Lisa's. Stillvisions told me about a store downtown that sells medical scrubs so I decided to check there with Pan to see if I could find any that would work. The store only stocked MOBB scrubs so I was able to find the scrubs that I had researched online. Unfortunately, the scrubs were huge on me despite looking at the smallest sizes they had (xxs). XD A really nice lady working there (who thought I was kind of nuts for wanting such a specific style of scrubs) helped me find a similar pair of pants that came in the colour that I wanted and actually fit me. There was no way to find a smaller top, though that was remotely like Lisa's so I ended up buying the smallest size top that they had and Pan was kind enough to offer to alter the top for me. Pan did an amazing job fixing it up. The top was super baggy originally and really long. She really helped me out of a pickle. (^^)

I bought the white shirt from Smart Set. I was going to use one from my closet, but the one from Smart Set had the perfect collar style to match Lisaís. I couldnít exactly tell the shoes Lisa was wearing so I had to guess a bit. I figured she was wearing white slip-on shoes, which are really hard to find, so I had to improvise and I bought a pair of white converse style shoes from Ardene (my go to store for Cosplay accessories and cheap shoes). XD

Pan helped me locate fake blood at a Halloween party store. I used the blood to dirty up the pants and scrub top a bit as Lisa has a head wound which has bled a bit on her clothes when Harry encounters her in the game. I ended up buying a fake blood makeup set from a local drug store as well to try to get a realistic like cut on my head. That was the good thing about deciding to debut this costume at a con around Halloween, it was easy to find blood and gore makeup to work with. (^^) I practiced applying the blood and cut makeup before con, but I ended up struggling a bit to get the blood to stain my forehead properly at the con. Still it worked out well enough at Youma.

I bought the wig from's wig shop. It's from the New Look line. It turned out to be a bit darker than I had hoped (I was looking for more of a red auburn) and the wig was quite long. Pan cut the wig for me as I wore it to make it the right length. I always love the way Pan cuts wigs. Sheís able to achieve a nice even and realistic look.

The last thing I had to do for this costume was to make Lisaís hospital name tag. Thankfully it was easy to find close up shots of the tag online as well as a digital copy of the picture of Lisa used in her name tag. I replicated the text from Lisaís name tag using Photoshop. I intended to take a picture of myself as Lisa to use instead of Lisaís picture for my tag, but I ran out of time before the con to get a proper photo of myself to edit and add so I went with the digital copy of Lisa instead. I used the case from an old con badge as the holder for Lisa's tag. Iím glad that I tend to save my con badges. XD

I noticed while watching walkthroughs of Shattered Memories that Lisa has something in her shirt pocket. I could never tell exactly what it was so I decided to print out website images including a map of Silent Hill from Alessa and Creativeguy's awesome Silent Hill site, The Silent Hill Office of Tourism. Alessa and Creativeguy are amazing people and are inspirations to everyone in the Silent Hill Cosplay community. Since they couldnít make it to the con, I kind of thought it would be a nice little personal tribute to them to include images from their site as part of my costume. (^_^) It was just a little touch that made me feel good.

Overall, this costume turned out really well. It was a bit tricky to gather all the clothing that I needed (and a lot more money than I expected to spend on a fairly simple looking costume), but the result was something I could be proud of. Plus, this costume was ridiculously comfortable! I wore this costume on Friday night of Youmacon after Cosplaying Eternal Sailor Saturn earlier in the day. After worrying about my skirt and wearing high heels, slipping into comfy scrubs and shoes was an amazing feeling. XD It was a real honour being part of a Shattered Memories group with Leesers, Avianna, Miri, Ammie and Solstice_Wind. Everyone put their hearts and souls into their costumes and they turned out so well. Leesers looked amazing as Alessa, Avi is a fantastically accurate Dahlia, Miriís level of detail on her costume could not be beat, Ammie looked ethereal as Michelle and Solstice_Wind looked like he stepped right out of the game as Harry. It was so cool being part of a group with so many wonderful people. I hope we get a chance to wear these costumes again sometime! We did a shoot with Elemental on Friday night of Youmacon with some amazing results. I really canít wait till we all get a chance to hang out again! (^_^) In early 2013 I was finally able to do a winter shoot of this costume with Stillvisions. It was a couple of quick shoots with photos taken outside on a neighbourhood street during the tail end of a winter storm. It was quite cold, but the really neat snowy photos made it worth it. :3

Events/Conventions this costume was worn to
Youmacon 2010 (Friday evening), on Halloween 2010 & Private Snowstorm Photoshoot in February 2013

Photo Credits
Elemental & Stillvisions