Yamato "Matt" Ishida - Digimon Adventure

Cost: $5
Time to Make: 5 hours
Timeline of Construction: June 2008
Award: 2011 Youmacon Calendar Contest - May 2012 photo feature



This was one of the most random costumes that I have ever worn. My friend Pan was one of the organizers of a major Cosplay picnic that had become a yearly tradition here in Toronto (until 2012). Thus we wanted to make and wear costumes that were weather and season appropriate. Digimon was discussed as a possibility for 2008 at the picnic in 2007 and Pan wanted to re-wear her awesome Tai costume. After Sakura and I got back from Japan, Sakura volunteered to Cosplay as Sora with Pan and I randomly got a phone call a week before the picnic asking if I was willing to Cosplay Matt. I did really like season one so I agreed to Cosplay as Matt. It's not a character that I ever considered Cosplaying and I really don't think I look anything like him. I still had a blast Cosplaying with Pan, Sakura and our surprise Joe (Kevin) at the picnic.

Pan and I made this Matt costume in about five hours one afternoon. We bought the shirt at a second-hand store and everything else came from Pan's closet. Pan cut off the sleeves, hemmed and adjusted the collar of the shirt as I sewed up the bottoms of a pair of Pan's pants to imitate cuffs. The boots and gloves were borrowed from Pan's Van costume. My contribution was the wig and the wig that we used was my original Heather wig from 2007. Pan cut it and styled it in a couple of hours (she rocks). :3 For a fairly cheap and old wig it worked quite well.

This turned out to be unexpectedly fun to wear. I haven't had a chance to really Cosplay with Pan and Sakura since our last Naruto costumes so I was happy to find another trio to add to our Cosplay repertoire. Amanda and SolarTempest took some amazing photos of us at the Cosplay picnic and although I still don't feel like I was really that suited to Cosplay Matt, I still had a blast. Sora and Tai were too cute for words. <3 <3

Events/Conventions this costume was worn to
Toronto Centre Island Cosplay Picnic 2008 (Sunday, June 22nd, 2008)

Photo Credits
Elemental & Stillvisions