Sailor Saturn - Sailor Moon S

Cost: $100
Costume Bought From: Ammie
Silence Glaive Made By: Adrien (t_toast)
Costume Bought in: February 2013
Award: Photo by SolarTempest was chosen as a Daily Deviation on deviantART on April 7th, 2019



I've Cosplayed Sailor Saturn several times and I've always enjoyed the experience. I commissioned Ammie to make me Saturn's Eternal costume a couple of years ago to be part of a full Eternals group with her and my first Sailor Scout costume back in May 2010 was Sailor Saturn. At the time I had borrowed Ammie's Saturn costume that she had made for herself to be part of a big group at Anime North. I never expected to have so much fun Cosplaying Saturn, but she's become one of my favourite Sailor Scouts since then. Ammie's costume was great, but it was a little big on me because I'm petite. Once I started commissioning Ammie to make me Sailor Scout costumes, I asked if she would eventually make me a Saturn costume. She was happy to agree.

Ammie waited until she could find the satins that she liked to make the costume. She collected different elements of the costume over time like the star shaped Christmas ornament that she modified to use as the brooch. Eventually she found a shade of purple she liked and she asked my opinion of it when I came to visit her on New Years 2013. She also asked me what I wanted to do for the bows. In different reference images her bow colour changes from black to burgundy. In the end I decided to go with burgundy. She had bought fabric to make Wicked Lady's dress and she thought the colour would work for Saturn. I loved the combo. She used a spandex fuku base that a customer had returned because it was too small for them as a base for mine since it was in my size and it fit me really well. Her big concern was matching the purple satin to the material she wanted to make the boots out of. On New Years she made a pattern from my legs so she could make boots out of vinyl for me. She was able to make really nicely fitted boots and I really appreciate her efforts.

I was really excited to Cosplay Sailor Saturn again especially now that I have an awesome Silence Glaive care of Adrien. I wore this costume for a little while at Con-G 2013 as that's when Ammie gave me the costume. She had wanted me to try it on to see how it fit and SolarTempest was kind enough to take a few shots of the costume. I had planned to wear it at Anime North but it was too cold to wear. Instead I wore the costume at Otakuthon 2013 and I had a really fun time wearing it. I did a shoot with SolarTempest in front of a really cool purple and blue lit wall in the convention centre that just looked like something out of the Anime. It made for a very memorable shoot with some really epic photos.

Events/Conventions this costume was worn to
Con-G 2013 (Saturday evening) & Otakuthon 2013 (Friday evening)

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