Oishi Shuichiro - Prince of Tennis

Cost: $0
Costume Borrowed From: Pan
Time to Make: 5 minutes
Timeline of Construction: June 2004



When I was in study mode during exam week right before I finished high school, Pan randomly posted a message on a group blog asking me to be her Oishi. I thought she was kidding so I said yes and I later found out that she was serious as a Tenipuri picnic was being organized and she had plans to dress up as Eiji and she wanted someone to be her Oishi. Since Pan had purchased a small sized Seigaku tennis uniform online, she didn't know many people that could fit into it. I'm about her size and was free on the 26th so I became her choice for Oishi. She decided she would wear the shirt that came with the uniform and I would wear the jacket and pants. I think the uniform was extra small because I could barely fit into it. It was very comfy though. We made the "hair" up in about two seconds because his hairstyle can be emulated by wearing a black wig cap. Pan cut out a crescent shape from black material to make the bangs, shoved it under the wig cap and voila! An instant Oishi (just add water). XD I helped her out a bit with her Eiji wig, which turned out really well, and together we were the Golden Pair during the Tenipuri meetup. It was a lot of fun!

Events/Conventions this costume was worn to
Tenipuri Meetup on Saturday, June 26th, 2004