Syaoran (Outo) - Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE

Cost: $15
Time to Make: 5 hours
Timeline of Construction: March 2005 & May 2006



I had been meaning to make this costume for several months as I decided to Cosplay Outo Syaoran when Sakura made her Outo Sakura costume in late 2004. I ended up getting distracted by other things and I couldn't find a black vest so this costume was put off for quite a while. Finally, right before MTAC, Sakura surprised me by lending me a vest and we decided to finally do a photoshoot. I found the white shirt and black pants in my closet. The black pants were actually the pair I made for my Kamui costume. They're really comfy and worked well for this costume. The black shoes were ones I've had from when I was in high school and the bow tie was actually one I bought in a costume set I got at the Dollar Store. I thought the bow tie was really cheesy but it showed up really nicely in photos.

I borrowed the wig from Pan. Finally, Sakura cut up some white material for bandages because Syaoran's right hand is bandaged. This costume was really simple, but because we took photos in the lounge of a friend's residence, we were able to find a setting that really complemented our costumes. A friend took tons of pictures of us and we had a wonderful afternoon. The quality of the photos is poor, however, because the lighting in the lounge didn't work very well with my old digital camera.

When I re-wore this costume on Sunday of AN 2006, I made a new green bow tie (to match the Anime version) and a new vest. The vest didn't work out that well, though. I also wore my new Syaoran wig. I was unable to locate any nice photos of my updated costume from Anime North so I don't have any photos of the updated costume.

Events/Conventions this costume was worn to
I wore this costume to a photoshoot on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005 & at Anime North 2006 (Sunday)