Rey Za Burrel - Gundam SEED Destiny

Cost: $0
Time to Make: 1 hour (for costume touchups)
Timeline of Construction: March 2006



My friend Hikarilight was working on a Shinn costume for MTAC that she posted about on her LJ and through her LJ I found out that Heki was planning to wear her Lunamaria costume. I offered to wear my ZAFT uniform and Cosplay Rey to make the full team from Gundam SEED Destiny and a friend lent me a wig for Rey so I was set. I really didn't make any alterations to my costume for Rey so I don't really have much to post here about the costume construction. More detail is available in the Yzak costume page.

I'm not really a huge fan of Rey, but I had a blast Cosplaying with Heki and Hikarilight. It was at this MTAC, through a Gundam SEED Destiny shoot, that I first met (SolarTempest) Kevin and we later became friends. :3

Events/Conventions this costume was worn to
March Toronto AnimeCON 2006 (Saturday)

Photo Credits
SolarTempest and Elemental