Ruka Nogi (White Rabbit) - Gakuen Alice

Cost: $60
Time to Make: 15 hours
Timeline of Construction: August 2006



This costume was a group effort to complete. Pam came up with the idea for the two of us to do the Alice in Wonderland versions of Ruka and Natsume for CNAnime 2006 because the designs were really cute. Pam had come over for a visit and gave me plaid material for my pants and we went to Fabricland together and bought the shirt material and found patterns for the shirt and pants. We did a bit of sewing together while she was still in town. The pants are probably the nicest homemade pair that I own. I hate making pants with zippers (elastic waistbands are my best friend) so it was tricky to get it right.

I bought the shoes at Walmart and Pam also found a pair of costume ears for me to use. I was originally going to cut apart the ears and sew them into the wig but it was much easier to just wear them as was and with a cute red ribbon, they looked really nice. The wig was a lucky eBay find from a seller that no longer exists. It was a rather cheap wig, but works really well for the character.

The shirt was challenging to make since it has quite a bit of detailing. My mom helped out a lot with doing the buttonholes because that's really time consuming. With all the lace the shirt turned out really nicely and the whole outfit was adorable. I made a puffball bunny tail out of cotton stuffing and felt and sewed it to the pants to finish off the bunny look.

I searched through many stores looking for a bunny to hold (since Ruka always carries around his rabbit companion) but I have yet to find a realistic looking plush bunny. I do really like the many different bunnies I've found to pose with though. :D I had a lot of fun wearing Ruka with Pam at CNAnime since her Natsume costume looked really cool. We did a few photos with my friend Angel Cosmos at the con because we found it amusing that she was dressed as Alice.

Events/Conventions this costume was worn to
CNAnime 2006 (Saturday & Sunday) & to an Alice in Wonderland themed doll meet on May 6th, 2007

Photo Credits
Pan and Stillvisions