Cooro (Sailand) - +Anima

Cost: $12
Time to Make: 8 hours
Timeline of Construction: July 2004



I had been wresting with potential costume ideas for the summer of 2004 for several weeks before I finally decided to make another Cooro costume. Cooro first started wearing this outfit in volume 7 and continued to wear it in volume 8. He gets this outfit from a dealer called Crystala who "owns" many +Anima. I liked the summer-like feel of this costume and I wanted a really simple outfit for NAF that took place only a couple of days before I needed to go on a month long vacation. I took some artistic liberties with this costume as I figured out my own colour design.

Overall, I was happy with the costume. It's a really obscure design, but I was comfy and I got to Cosplay Cooro yet again. I missed out on some of the details of Cooro's outfit like the belt (which didn't work very well with my shirt) and I never did bother making his aviation style hat. I think the most annoying thing is that in the first few years that I was Cosplaying, I didn't learn how to bind. Cooro is certainly a boy and yet I'm obviously not one. Still, this was a fun costume to run around the con in.

Events/Conventions this costume was worn to
Northern Anime Festival 2004

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