Sailor Lolita - Fashion

Cost: $45
Dress Brand: Bodyline
Outfit Bought in: May 2010


December 2017 Madoka Kaname (Madoka Magica) Version


I purchased this outfit on a whim when I found out that my friend Sakura was selling some clothing through LJ in the spring of 2010. I had enjoyed wearing my first Lolita dress that I had purchased during my trip to Japan in 2008 and a picture of this outfit that my friend had posted really stood out to me. Bodyline is a low cost outfit and costume brand and my friend wasn't asking very much for the outfit that included a blouse, tie, headband, short jacket and skirt. The jacket and skirt were especially pretty. I bought the costume from her right away when I saw it listed.

I was quite happy with the overall outfit look. The skirt and jacket fit me really nicely and I really liked the high waist on the skirt since it was very complimentary. I thought the blouse was a bit big, though, so I paired the outfit with a Peace Now blouse that I had purchased from a shop in Japan. I completed the outfit with mary jane shoes, my black wig with pigtail clips and Metamorphose brand socks.

I really loved how this outfit came together. I think the plaid of the skirt along with the black lace and rose details, make the outfit very cute and yet elegant. It definitely has a bit of a school uniform look going for it. I wore this costume on Saturday evening of Fan Expo 2010 with my friend Ammie in her own white Lolita dress. The fact my dress was predominately dark colours and hers was white made for a really cool contrast. We both had fun posing in front of a promo car for the show Supernatural. I've worn this outfit to a couple of events in Toronto and I am looking forward to wearing it again when I get a chance.

Update December 2017- Over the years I've wanted to wear this outfit again, but I've always thought it would be fun to make it part of a character costume. I could never quite figure out a character that this Lolita outfit suited though. After buying TechnoRanma's Madoka wig and finally Cosplaying as Madoka in her school uniform in early 2017, I was trying to think of other outfits for Madoka so I could get a chance to wear that beautiful wig again. This Lolita outfit came to mind and it seemed like a perfect match. In the series the school uniform is quite intricate and fitted and this Lolita outfit had a high waisted skirt and is very detailed so the style had a Madoka Magica flair. I figured the black of the outfit would be a nice contrast to the pink wig. Plus the plaid would have a bit of a Christmas feeling since I decided to wear this outfit to the Toronto Fan Days Holiday Show in December. The outfit combo dawned on me just a few weeks before the event. It turned out to be a great fit and I'm happy that I decided to wear it.

During the con I did a photoshoot with my friend Amanda at the nearby Delta Hotel with my Kyubey plush. I also got to see Santa and his "Elves" and got a photo with them along with my friend Pan (who was dressed as a Punk version of Princess Leia). After the event I got a few photos in a cute Christmas display that had been set up in Union Station. At that point I was wearing my standard wool winter coat, but it looked very flattering over the outfit and with my wig so I decided to share a few photos here. Some people recognized the outfit as a take on Madoka and I got some compliments on how I looked so I'm quite happy that I dug this outfit out and finally got a chance to wear it again. Hopefully I'll find another opportunity to wear it again in the future!

Events/Conventions this costume was worn to
Fan Expo 2010 (Saturday evening), Toronto Library Cosplay Event on Saturday, April 16th, 2011 & Toronto Fan Days Holiday Show 2017

Photo Credits
Elemental, Happy_Robot!, Pan, Adrien & Kris Byers Photography