Sailor Mercury - Sailor Moon

Cost: $227
Costume Bought From: Ammie
Costume Bought in: April 2012



In 2011 I was talking with Ammie about future Cosplay ideas and Ammie mentioned wanting to Cosplay Sailor Jupiter and wanting to Cosplay Sailor Moon with my friends Sakura, Pan and me. I had been talking with Ammie about how much I wanted Pan to Cosplay Sailor Mars and Ammie said she wanted us to do an Inners group. She was especially excited about the idea because Sakura, Pan and I are all so short that we have the right heights to match her being Jupiter. XD She recommended that I be Mercury and Sakura be Venus and we ran with the idea.

She made our costumes in April 2012 and I picked them up from her at the end of April. Ammie is a master at making fukus so it was much better to let her make them for us than to make them ourselves. The costumes were gorgeous as usual! I love the shades of blue for my fuku! We were missing a few costume elements. I did a group order for tiaras for us from Catzia. For my footwear, Ammie made me boot covers and I used a pair of short heels that I had planned to use for a Silent Hill 3 Nurse costume inside the covers as the short heels would be more comfortable to walk around the con in.

On the same day that I picked up the costumes from Ammie, we stopped in at a bridal store in the fabric district downtown and I purchased white gloves for everyone. Ammie made us glove tops so we each altered our gloves a bit and I used snaps to attach my glove tops so I could re-use the gloves for other Sailor Scout costumes.

I ordered a Magnum wig in Midnight Blue from Arda Wigs for the costume as I wanted a wig for Mercury that had some layers and waves in the back to give it a bit of character. Iím not a fan of simple bob wigs for Mercury. The wig worked out really nicely for the costume after Pan helped me out by trimming the bangs and some of the long layers in the back.

Although I have Cosplayed as several Sailor Scouts already, Cosplaying from my favourite childhood show is always a very nostalgic and exciting experience, not to mention, it was wonderful to Cosplay with my best friends! Pan looked amazing as Mars and Ammie is really suited to Cosplay Jupiter. Rankin24 (who I had previously met at Fan Expo when she Cosplayed Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon in Ammie's big Eternal Sailor Scout group) was our cute Moon. It was too bad that Sakura was unable to join us at Anime North for the group after all due to several circumstances. We'll have to gather the group again some time!

Still, I had a blast with the group and Cosplaying with Pan as Mars was a nice experience. We walked around for much of AN together and got some adorable duo shots! I loved it when we both wore shades matching our Scout colours while we were outside and we got red and blue balloons from the Atomic Lollipop booth that we had fun posing with later in the day. We had an exciting time with these costumes and I look forward to Cosplaying from Sailor Moon with Pan and everyone else again in the future!

Events/Conventions this costume was worn to
Anime North 2012 (Friday daytime)

Photo Credits
IcePhoenix & Pan, Heekun & Robert Garant