Sailor Moon - Sailor Moon

Cost: $194
Costume Bought From: Ammie
Wig By: HezaV
Costume Bought in: April 2012



Sailor Moon has always been my favourite Scout and was my favourite childhood character and inspiration through some of my formative childhood years. I had a silly Sailor Moon costume when I was a kid. My mom made it for me complete with a t-shirt base and a wig made out of yarn with a knit tiara. I loved it, though, and proudly wore it for 2 Halloweens. Now nearly 15 years later I was able to achieve a real childhood dream by Cosplaying Sailor Moon.

I told Ammie that I wanted to Cosplay Sailor Moon one day and she suggested while she was making me a Sailor Mercury costume that she could just make me glove tops, a choker, boot covers and new bows so I could just swap the bows out and re-use my Mercury fuku for Moon. I wasn't sure if the colours would work for Moon too, but I was super happy with the result!

The wig was really a concern for the costume. I was planning on ordering supplies to make my own wig, but then I found out that my friend Rankin24 had a Moon wig that she had purchased from HezaV, but it didn't fit her so I asked to buy it from her. I didn't expect it to be the perfect fit, but it fit me really nicely and I loved the colour on me. HezaV did a fantastic job on the wig. (^^)

The only real sewing that I did for this costume was to close a few seams and sew snaps to the glove tops to exchange my gloves that I had used for Mercury. I also did a bit of repair work on the brooch that I ordered. Ammie made me one but it sadly broke so I ordered one on Etsy from Ashlee. I used clay mache to fill in a few gaps in the resin. My odango shields were from Starlit Creations and my awesome friend Pan created a pair of earrings that I attached with spirit gum. The tiara was from Catzia like my previous ones. For Otakuthon I didn't have my own tiara so I borrowed Pan's Mars tiara.

I didn't expect to have so much fun Cosplaying Sailor Moon. It was a total blast to wear at Otakuthon and I had a lot of fun re-wearing the costume to Con-G. I always remember going to the CNE (probably in 1996) and seeing the Sailor Moon stage show and being in total awe of the costumed performers (especially of Sailor Moon). To finally Cosplay the title character nearly 15 years later (and feeling like I pulled her off fairly well) kinda blows my mind a bit. (^_^)

Events/Conventions this costume was worn to
Otakuthon 2012 (Saturday daytime) & Con-G 2013 (Friday daytime)

Photo Credits
EleventhPhotograph & SolarTempest