Sasuke Uchiha - Naruto

Cost: $60
Time to Make: 15 hours
Timeline of Construction: May - June 2006



This was a costume that I never really thought that I would do, but was an idea that I had at the back of my mind for quite a while. When Pan, Sakura and I made our random ANBU costumes and we decided to do ANBU Team 7, it seemed only natural to do the standard versions of the characters as well. I always wanted to be part of a Team 7 group and I couldn't ask for better friends to Cosplay with.

It took me quite a while to get this costume done. The shirt was sort of challenging because I had a lot of trouble getting the collar to work out. I have no pictures of this costume from AN '06 because the collar was terrible and wouldn't stand up when I first made it. It was thanks to my mother that the collar was saved. I love the way the Uchiha crest turned out though. I managed to find a stencil online and I used that as a guide when I cut out and used an iron on transfer to make the patch. The short pants were a very lucky find. I was trying to find a pair that was somewhat similar to Sasuke's at a series of bargain and major clothing store chains. The very last clothing store (a bargain one) in a mall that I had been meticulously looking through actually had the perfect pair with the correct pocket style even and the pants fit me perfectly. It was really awesome. :D

I already had the wig, which Pan had styled for me, so I just had to cut out the black fabric of my old head band and I made a new one to match the blues of my costume. I also already had the pouch from my ANBU costume. The black pouch was actually a dollar store cell phone bag that worked out really nicely for Sasuke. I sewed bandages to the pants to mark the spot for the pouch. The leg bands and arm bands were annoying to make because getting the elastics just right was tricky. The leg bands had to be pretty tight to stay up. I cheated on the bandages and I used white bias tape which worked well to make the proper thickness and look.

The sandals were a pain. The first version that I made were just sandal covers, which looked sort of sloppy, so to match Pan and Sakura, I bought sandals and had to sew the material to them. It was really hard to get the needle to go through the thick sandal foam. They turned out pretty nicely even though mine aren't as nice as Pan and Sakura's.

we've worn these costumes a number of times and it has always been an awesome experience Cosplaying with my friends. The outfits are recognizable and it's super easy to pose as a group. I like the fact that it's a costume that I really feel proud of because I tried my best to work out all the little details. Wearing these costumes to the Naruto movie premier was a huge highlight. The theatre that we went to was running a costume contest with only two prizes so the theatre decided to hold a vote to pick the winner. Poor Pan (Naruto) came in last place (which I was surprised about) but I (Sasuke) actually ended up winning. It felt really neat to be recognized by children for our costumes (despite how early in the morning we had to get up to go to the movie).

Events/Conventions this costume was worn to
Anime North 2006 (Friday), Northern Anime Festival 2006, CNAnime 2006 (Friday), to the CNE on Sunday, August 27th, 2006, to Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow on June 23rd, 2007, on Halloween 2007, Polaris 2008 (Saturday) & to the Anime Bash 2009 at the Toronto Public Library

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