Sherry Birkin (China) - Resident Evil 6

Cost: $74
Time to Make: 15 hours
Timeline of Construction: December 2012 - February 2013



After Cosplaying Edonia Sherry, China Sherry seemed like an obvious costume choice. I didnít really grow to like Sherryís China costume that much because it was pretty plain, but for a battle outfit, it worked pretty well for her. I was hesitant to start working on the costume because of her daunting shoulder harness, but my awesome friend The Letter Jay offered to make me the shoulder harness as a Christmas gift. That pretty much sealed the deal on this costume and I started planning it out just after Youmacon 2012.

Pretty much everything was store bought or made by someone else. The scarf was just re-worn from my Edonia costume since her scarf in Edonia pretty much looks identical to the one Sherry randomly finds in Lanshiang. XD I bought the boots years ago when I originally planned to Cosplay RE1 Jill, but that costume never happened. The boots, however, have started to come in handy for a few costumes. :3 Of course, I just re-wore my Edonia Sherry wig.

I ordered the pants from an Ebay seller after searching online for about a month. They arrived in late December. I altered them over the Christmas holidays. They started off as a long pair of jeggings. I cut off the bottoms so they would be capri length and I used the excess material from the legs to create cargo pockets which I sewed to the sides of each leg. I also used some of the excess fabric to make pocket tops for the back pockets. The pockets were pretty easy to make, but were a bit annoying to sew on because of how stretchy the material was. I did like the stretchiness, though, as it gave the pants the tight look Sherryís pants have in the game.

I also ordered the white dress shirt through eBay. It arrived in early January. I looked online and in stores for a couple of months before I purchased my shirt. I really didnít want to make one from scratch, but I was a bit anal about finding one with the correct seams. I wanted one with full seams in front and a back yoke. I finally found the perfect shirt, but it needed a lot of altering since it had full sleeves and was a bit big on me. I created a new shirt hem, took the shirt in on the sides and I cut off and reattached the cuffs so the sleeves were ĺ length. Recreating the cuffs took a bit of effort, but Iím happy with how they turned out. My only regret was that I made the shirt a little too short. I wanted to match her shirt length in game and in the game her shirt only just falls below the waist. The problem was that making it that short made it very difficult for it to fall over the belt. In order to hold the position I sewed some snaps into the shirt so it wouldnít ride up when I moved around. Iím not so happy with that fix.

The belt was made from a pre-made belt that I found on eBay. I really wanted a belt that had the black stripes with the light coloured centre. It was a detail that I really didnít want to miss. The original belt was really huge and had the wrong kind of buckle so I purchased a new buckle. I cut down the length and sewed on the buckle. My dad helped me make holes for the buckle along the length of the belt using a power drill. The fabric of the belt really liked the fray so it was really tricky to create the holes.

I picked up the harness from Jay on New Yearís when I visited both Amber and Jay. I love how the shoulder harness turned out! He took my measurements during Youmacon so he custom built it for me out of leather. I owe Jay a huge thank you because without him I wouldnít have been able to Cosplay Sherry. I couldnít have built the harness properly myself and itís pretty much impossible to find a rig that would work for me thatís store bought since Iím so petite. If youíre looking for a leather military gear commission, I definitely recommend Jay! He also surprised me with a radio pouch and a gun holster. I didnít expect those accessories as well and they look fantastic!

With the addition of the harness, that completed the costume. I started working on it in very late December and finished altering everything in early February. I took a slow and steady approach to the costume and Iím really happy with how it turned out. I debuted the costume at AN in May. Unfortunately, I didn't wear the costume for all that long, although I did wear it for the Resident Evil panel that I was a panelist on for Friday night. It made the panel experience really fun. I was part of a Resident Evil 6 group along with Colombian_Otaku (Jake), Ammie (Ada), Jay (Leon) and Natalie (Helena). I'm disappointed that we weren't able to do a shoot because it's not very often that I get to see those guys. I am pretty happy with the work that I did on this costume. It turned out pretty well considering I didn't make anything from scratch.

Events/Conventions this costume was worn to
Anime North 2013 (Friday night) & to a private park photoshoot on Saturday, September 6th, 2014

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