Snow White Lolita - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Cost: $60
Costume Bought From: Ammie
Costume Bought in: May 2014



Since purchasing my original Snow White costume from Limebarb a few years ago, I've had a wonderful time Cosplaying the Disney Princess at various conventions and events. I never thought that I would dress up as a Disney Princess, but it has been a very fun and touching experience. I always had trouble wearing the costume, though, because the corset was very hard to get into and out of and very constricting. After wearing the costume for a private shoot in 2012, I wasn't really sure if I would wear the costume again.

In the spring of 2014 I heard about the Nominoichi (garage sale) at Anime North and I was eager to get a table to sell some old Anime toys, figures and Manga. As I was preparing goods to sell, I mentioned to my friend Ammie about the sale and she decided to get a table as well and sell some of her costumes. I noticed that she was selling a Snow White Lolita outfit and I thought it was quite cute. It retains some neat elements of the Disney Princess dress like the shaped bodice and puff sleeves, but has some fun updates like the cute bows, short skirt and little lace details. The costume was advertised as being small and she was selling it for a steal given the quality of her work. I told her I was interested in it, but it would be too big for me and she offered to alter it for me. She took it in, added some lace to the bottom of the dress and even made a little red petticoat for it. (^^) I was really touched by her doing that for me. I went ahead and purchased the costume from her at Anime North.

I decided to wear the costume to the Cosplay Picnic in the summer. I paired the dress with my original Snow White wig and ribbon and the shoes that came with my Snow White costume from Limebarb. Unfortunately the shoes were a little big on me so I had to stuff them to get them to fit. I wore my original Snow White costume for the first time at Centre Island so it was a bit of flashback to wear my new Snow White costume on the island as well. Ammie even wore an updated version of her Ariel costume so at times when we were together we were swarmed for photos with kids and adults alike.

It was nice getting the opportunity to Cosplay as Snow White again and in a costume that was a bit more comfortable. The weather on the island was beautiful and it was a great setting for photos. The outfit is really fun and a little sexy and really nice for summer weather. I hope I get a chance to wear this costume again in the future.

Events/Conventions this costume was worn to
Toronto Cosplay Picnic 2014

Photo Credits
Think.Nu & Elemental