Starfleet Commander - Star Trek The Original Series

Cost: $35
Costume Made By : Pan
Timeline of Construction: July 2009
Award: Hall Costume Award - Polaris 2009



Watching the new Star Trek movie reinvigorated my friend Pan's interest in all things Star Trek. She's always wanted to make a Federation uniform and a couple of weeks before Polaris, when she agreed to go, she decided she wanted to Cosplay from Star Trek for the con. She called me up a week and a half before the con asking me if I would be interested in being part of a Star Trek Cosplay trio and I enthusiastically agreed. I've been a casual fan of Star Trek since I was young (I grew up watching the Next Generation and later Deep Space Nine and Voyager) so I knew this would be fun.

Pan offered to make a dress for me and for my friend Sakura as well so we could cover all the Federation crewmember types. She was originally interested in making an accurate female officer uniform from the original series, but she was feeling creative and she designed her own uniform style. She had been experimenting with patterns when she made a Paper Bag Princess costume for the Cosplay picnic in June so she altered one of the patterns she made and used it for the dresses. Pan, Sakura and I are very similar in size so it didn't take a whole lot of altering to come up with a pattern for all three dresses.

Pan was a total sweetheart and made each costume entirely own her own. It was amazing that she was able to make all three dresses in about a week. She asked me to order Original series patches a week and a half before the con on eBay, but they didn't show up until the Monday right after con. Instead she made silver badges of each type out of cardboard two days before con that look utterly amazing. I seriously wish we hadn't bothered ordering patches. (^^);;

Pan, Sakura and I all own boots from Walmart that are a similar style that were perfect for us to wear to have matching footwear. To finish off the outfit and give it a bit of an alien look, I decided to wear my Hitomi wig that looks sort of out there with the hair antenna.

This costume turned out to be a lot of fun to wear! I thought the Trekkies might dislike our outfits because they were an original design, but it was quite the contrary, our costumes were a big hit at the con and we got a lot of attention. Some of it not so great though. XD lol I got some weird "compliments" while in this costume. I was told that I would make a perfect android by one person and a great mannequin by another. (^^);; It's a super comfy outfit and it was pretty cheap (the most expensive part were the blasted nylons which ran like crazy). It was a blast to Cosplay with Sakura and Pan again. (^_^) I'm sure we'll be wearing these outfits again in the future.

Events/Conventions this costume was worn to
Polaris 2009 (Saturday), Fan Expo 2009 (Saturday), Youmacon 2009 (Sunday) & to the fan sneak peek premier of Star Trek: Into Darkness on Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

Photo Credits
SolarTempest, Elemental, Saikit & Pan