Super Sailor Chibi Moon - Sailor Moon SuperS

Cost: $121.50
Costume Made By: Amber (Ammie)
Timeline of Construction: May 2012 - January 2013
Wig By: Amber (Ammie)



This costume was actually quite unexpected. I was Cosplaying Sailor Mercury as part of a Sailor Moon group at Anime North 2012. I had commissioned the costume from my friend Ammie (along with additional boot covers and bows so I could double the fuku for a Sailor Moon costume) and she surprised me at the convention by giving me a Super Sailor Chibi Moon costume as a combined birthday and Christmas gift. I was totally blown away by such a cool present. She gifted me all the major parts of the costume including the fuku, bows, choker, glove tops and boot covers. She actually mentioned when she gave me the costume that she wished that she had brought her Chibi Moon wig to the con so I could wear Super Sailor Chibi Moon to match with the gorgeous Super Sailor Moon costume she had worn to the con that year. I honestly can't thank her enough for such a lovely gift! She's made all my Sailor Moon fuku costumes and several other costumes of mine. Her work is really outstanding!

I did a few minor alterations to the costume including taking the boot covers in a bit and attaching snaps to the glove tops to be worn with my gloves that I use for all my Scout costumes. The costume still required a few accessories before I could wear it. During that summer, I purchased hair pearl barrettes and in the winter I purchased odango shield covers. Both were from the same seller on Etsy (Starlit Creations) as I loved the quality of their work. The tiara is yet another creation by Catzia. All of my tiaras for my different Sailor Scout costumes are from Catzia and they look awesome! On New Year's Day 2013, I visited Ammie and I purchased her old Sailor Chibi Moon wig. I had previously worn the wig when I borrowed her Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon costume for a big Eternals group in 2010. After buying the wig from Ammie, the costume was ready to go.

It actually took me quite a while to wear this costume after it was ready to wear by early 2013. The problem was that I was attending fewer conventions and by 2013 I had quite a few fukus that I wanted to wear. It's also a bit tricky to wear Sailor Moon costumes because they're better for warm weather cons and I prefer to wear them at cons when I'm staying at a hotel so I can comfortably change and go to the bathroom when I need to. In fact, it took me a decade to finally wear Super Sailor Chibi Moon. I didn't wear the costume until YetiCon 2023. Honestly, I forgot how old this costume was as the wig proudly sat on a shelf and the costume was tucked away in a closet. I thought it was from 2015, but 2012 is pretty incredible. It held up pretty well for being a decade old. The hair barrettes sadly got a bit dingy from age. I had to add a top coat of pearly paint to the barrettes as they had some dark spots. One of the clips had fallen down and smashed so I had to glue it back together. Also due to changes in my weight over the decade, I did stretch the fuku a bit in order to fit into it and this created some runs in the inner lining. The costume has no zipper so you have to stretch it and pray it fits. I'm pretty glad that I was still able to squeeze into it even if it did create some snags.

I had a fun time finally wearing the costume. Unfortunately, due to the tearing, I don't think I'll wear it again. I might see if I can sell it so someone else who is a bit smaller can appreciate it. It's quite eye-catching and I got a few compliments just wearing it around the Village at Blue Mountain just before the con officially started. I was able to do a shoot with my friend Stillvisions to document the costume which I'm super grateful for given the costume's age. It's a shame I never got a chance to wear the costume with Ammie and her amazing Super Sailor Moon costume, but I do treasure the gift and the experience of Cosplaying such an adorable character. I love pink and Chibi Moon is one of my favourite Scouts so despite it taking a decade, Cosplaying her was well worth the wait!

Events/Conventions this costume was worn to
YetiCon 2023 (pre-convention shoot on Friday, June 16th, 2023)

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