Sweet Lolita - Fashion

Cost: $400
Dress Brand: Pina sweetcollection
Outfit Bought in: Late May/Early June 2008



I've really liked the Lolita style of clothing for several years. When I got a chance to travel to Japan after I graduated university in May 2008, my friend Sakura showed me a lot of department stores in Harajuku that were selling really cute Lolita outfits and dresses. We stopped in at the Laforet department store and checked out a lot of nice stores. As I was searching through the many racks of clothing at the various brand stores, I came across this lovely Pina sweetcollection dress that I bought in Atelier-Pierrot. As far as I know, Pina sweetcollection is a smaller brand and I just fell in love with the fabric choice for this dress. I find a lot of Lolita dresses are overwhelmed with ruffles and bows so I thought this dress was a little more elegant and simple without being plain. The really pretty flower and patchwork patterns on the dress really give it a unique style. It was one of the first dresses that I found and the only one that I felt so strongly about during the trip that I had to buy. It was an impulse buy, but it was totally worth it.

Every time I wear the dress it brings a smile to my face because it reminds me of my trip. The outfit was quite pricey because I bought socks, a crinoline skirt, a headdress (which I haven't been able to find a wig to wear it with) and bloomers from various other stores to complete the look. Buying Lolita clothing is certainly a pricey hobby.

I've worn this dress on a few occasions and to a couple of cons. I've grown fond of wearing my Himawari wig, which was intended for a Himawari costume that never did happen, with this dress. I've received a lot of compliments on the dress. I'm really glad that it caught my eye and that I was able to bring it back to Canada with me. It's such a sweet memory of a really wonderful trip.

Events/Conventions this costume was worn to
December Toronto AnimeCON 2008 & Fan Expo 2009 (Sunday)

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