Terriermon (Gijinka) - Digimon Adventure

Cost: $20
Time to Make: 10 hours
Timeline of Construction: May 2004



This was a very fun costume to make and wear because it was my own interpretation. It's always great once and a while to make a costume with your own artistic decisions and not worry about being precisely accurate to the original character design. I never planned or even thought of making this costume. With about two weeks to go before AN 2004, I realized I would be able to manage the two costumes I was planning to make and I would have enough time left to make a simple third one. I was thinking of making a human version of Kirara from Inuyasha, but I realized that would have been too complicated as I wanted to make Kirara's two tails. Pan, who was making a Renamon (Digimon) costume, suggested that I make a Terriermon costume because it would be simple and fun and so I agreed. It was fun to be part of a small group with some of my friends.

Events/Conventions this costume was worn to
Anime North 2004 (Friday & Sunday mornings) & CNAnime 2004 (Sunday)

Photo Credits
AnimeCons & Kikiwai