Touya (Casual) - Shinshi Doumei Cross

Cost: $0
Time to Make: 10 minutes
Timeline of Construction: March 2008



Closet Cosplay is always a good time and when I heard that my friends wanted to do a casual Shinshi Doumei Cross group for MTAC and they wanted me to join them, I was up for it. The role of Touya was recommended to me and since his casual outfit tends to consist of a black suit, it was a really easy outfit to do.

I used the white shirt from my old Host Club costume and the tie is my standard all-purpose red tie that I adore. The black shoes are my normal school boy type shoes that I got from Walmart and I have used them for several costumes. The pants are a pair that I wear all the time. I did have to borrow the suit jacket from Pan since I lack one of my own (but I really should look into buying one for myself in the future). It looked really nice so it was really great to wear for the day. :3 The wig is a new addition to my collection which I bought for Himawari so I'm not including the cost here. It was quite nice and didn't shed like crazy (like the brown wig I wore the day before at the con with my Celia costume). One part of the bangs was a little off though. I'll have to remember to trim it and straighten it later on.

It was fun to be part of a big group Cosplay with a number of my close friends. I so rarely get the chance to Cosplay in groups so it was a great experience (even though most of our costumes were of the closet variety).

Events/Conventions this costume was worn to
March Toronto AnimeCON 2008 (Sunday)

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