Usagi Tsukino - Sailor Moon

Cost: $188
Costume Was Purchased
Wig By: HezaV
Costume Received in: May 2014



After Cosplaying as Sailor Moon in 2012, I had been thinking that I would like to wear some other outfit of Usagi's. I always liked the look of the middle school uniform that Usagi wears up until Sailor Moon Sailor Stars. I had debated about making the costume for a couple of years, but at Anime North 2012 I had looked at a commissioned middle school uniform that a Cosplayer had purchased online and I had been impressed by the look and quality. I kept that at the back of my mind as I considered making the costume. I knew it was something that I could make myself although I have a great dislike for making pleated skirts. I don't really have a pleated skirt pattern that I'm really happy with at the moment. I decided in early 2014 that I wanted the school uniform for conventions during the year and in the end I decided to get the costume commissioned. It's not that I saw it as something that I couldn't make, it was more that I felt it was something that I wanted to wear, but I had no desire or inspiration to make myself. I decided to get a commission from the same seller as the Cosplayer that I had seen 2 years earlier and I was eager to get it.

A friend of mine decided to have Rei's school uniform made at the same time from the same seller so I contacted the seller and had the costumes made together. I commissioned the seller in February and I paid and submitted our measurements in late February. I was given an expected shipping date of mid-April, but the commissioner didn't actually send the costumes until nearly May. The costumes arrived only 2 days before Anime North (where we planned to debut the costumes). I tried on my costume and the skirt looked nice, but the front bow on the shirt that the seller sent me was super tiny and was meant to be worn like a tie. It didn't fit around my collar. :( It also was overwhelmed by my locket and didn't work at all. I thankfully was able to dig up my old Hitomi costume from Escaflown and the red bow from my jacket worked really nicely for Usagi. I did a bit of repair work on the bow and added snaps to the collar of the shirt. I was a bit unimpressed that the shirt material was a bit thin and see-through, but my red bow covered my upper chest so I didn't let it bother me. The costume was nothing outstanding because it wasn't that complicated to begin with, but aside from the problems with the bow and the shirt material being flimsy, it was fairly well done.

My friend tried on her Rei costume, though, and it was a disaster. The costume was advertised as being a lined jacket with functioning buttons and looked great in the costume sample photos, but what we received was totally wrong. It was just a flimsy, thin shirt that's quite see-through. The buttons just hung off and weren't functional. The top was also the wrong colour as Rei's uniform top is an off-white grey. What we received was the same white as my Usagi uniform. The front bow, like my bow for Usagi, was too small and couldn't tie around the collar. The collar and the skirt were also the wrong shade of grey and the whole thing looked very poor quality. I was very surprised and disappointed that after seeing the Juuban middle school uniform made by this seller in person, that the uniform for Rei would be so poorly made. My friend was so disappointed by the costume that it couldn't be salvaged and she never wore it at all.

I had to open a case with the seller as the seller said after the fact that the costume in the sample photos was a special custom version made for someone who had requested that it be made as a lined jacket. She said what she sent us was more accurate to the character, but honestly, looking at it in person, you would never at first glance think that it's Rei's uniform. It looked really terrible. The seller was really condescending and rude in the way she made excuses for what she had made. I abhor people not properly crediting commissioned costumes, but after dealing with this very terrible commissioner, I refuse to properly credit her because I don't want to bring her business. I'm very embarrassed that I ordered a costume from this seller and I don't at all recommend ordering from them. It seems the store for this seller was removed from Etsy at the end of the summer of 2014 so that says something about their business practices as the web store was beginning to accumulate negative reviews. After opening the case on Etsy, I was finally able to get a refund in exchange for a return, but I had to fight to get that to happen.

For the rest of Usagi's costume, I re-wore my wig from HezaV. I just removed my odango shields. I bought a pair of black flat mary jane shoes on eBay. I got a size 5.5, but they actually turned out to be a bit small so I wish I had bought size 6 shoes instead. They came with an elastic strap, but I cut the strap on each shoe and I sewed in 2 thin black elastics. A pretty simple fix. I looked for quite a while for shoes to use, but I wish I had been able to find shoes with a bit of a heel. Usagi's shoes have a small heel, but mine are pretty much totally flat. I may replace the shoes later on, but for now I'll stick with what I have. I purchased the Italian release Sailor Moon Luna Pen that was made a few years ago to use as a prop for this costume and I borrowed my friend Pan's black school bag to use at AN.

I decided to debut the costume on Sunday of AN. I figured it would be fairly comfortable for the last day of the con, but I spent the whole time wearing the costume feeling sort of embarrassed and silly that I went through all that stress with the seller. I was sad that my friend and I were robbed of the opportunity to Cosplay together because we trusted the seller and expected quality costumes. I just felt silly that I didn't take the time to make the costume myself. I've decided that I would like to make a new blouse as I purchased the winter version of the middle school uniform. Making sailor collars and simple shirts is something that I definitely feel confident about and I think if I make a new blouse I'll feel much happier with the costume overall. I'm undecided if I'll wear this winter school uniform costume again as the costume has left a bitter taste in my mouth. The experience has definitely taught me a thing or two about commissioning a costume. Always ask questions and if possible, pay in installments. I've been spoiled by working with Ammie for my past commissions. After this I don't know if I can trust anyone else. I did at times enjoy Cosplaying Usagi again. She's my favourite Sailor Scout and I know once I put some time into making the costume my own, I can truly be proud to Cosplay her.

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Anime North 2014 (Sunday)

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