Young Syaoran (Volume 7 Cover) - Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE

Cost: $25
Time to Make: 15 hours
Timeline of Construction: May 2005



I fell in love with Syaoran's outfit from the cover of volume 7 the moment that I got my hands on the edition. I was originally supposed to Cosplay as Koriyo Syaoran with Sakura for AN 2005, but due to time constraints and the fact that I lost track of my Koriyo fabric, I decided to make this costume for AN 2005 instead. For AN I made a basic pair of white pants using a simple pants pattern (for a later photoshoot I just wore white jeans since they were more comfortable). I didn't have a reference for the shoes, so I just wore a plain pair of black dress shoes. The complicated parts of the costume were the shirt and the waist scarf. The shirt was difficult to make since the green squares on the front were hard to space out evenly. I ended up making one extra square so the spacing would work out. The shirt was closed in the front using snaps and the sleeves, bottom of the shirt and the squares, were made and sewn on using thick bias tape.

The most interesting aspect of the costume was the bangles that were made from wooden circle shapes that I bought bags of at the local dollar store. It was a neat idea which worked out fairly well for the shape and colour that I was going for. I had to cut my own holes into the circles so I could sew them on, though, and a lot of them broke as I was cutting them. I like how the grouping of bangles at the top of the shirt turned out. The waist scarf was fairly simple to make since it was just a strip of fabric. I had to sew more bangles to it and that was the only sort of complicated part.

I borrowed Pan's brown wig for this costume that I've worn several times before for my Syaoran and Cooro costumes. Even though the wig wasn't that accurate, it had a lot of character to it. :3 Quite a while after I made this costume a series of figures were released of different CLAMP characters and one of them was of Syaoran in a rendition of this outfit. Unfortunately, his rendition pointed out all the details that I got wrong with my version of the costume. For one, he has a short open skirt on top of his pants and the waist scarf should have only come to just about knee level (I made mine extend to my ankles). Also, the pants had green details on the bottom with details that extend onto white shoes.

Although my costume is very inaccurate, it was still a lot of fun to make and wear and besides the fact that the scarf slipped a lot on my waist, it was pretty comfy. It's one of my favourite Syaoran costumes that I made.

Events/Conventions this costume was worn to
Anime North 2005 (Saturday) and to a photoshoot on Tuesday, June 7th, 2005

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