Wa-Lolita - Fashion

Cost: $60
Costume Bought From: Sky Creation
Costume Bought in: November 2006



I had been Cosplaying a lot of boy characters in 2005 and 2006 and I really wanted a nice dress to wear for a change of pace. I decided to look for Lolita dresses on eBay and I happened upon a dealer who was making and selling dresses from Hamilton, Ontario (which is very near to Toronto where I'm from). The seller had several really nice dresses for sale and some had very low starting bids so I decided to bid on one for myself. I ended up winning the auction for this blue and pink yukata which I really liked since pink is my favourite colour. I also ordered a blonde wig on eBay which turned out to be one of my favourite wigs because the colour and style really suited me. The dress was slightly too big for me, though, and I had to use the bear clip that you can see in some photos to hold the top closed. I re-used a pair of long knee high socks and I had purchased the mary jane shoes randomly at second-hand store and they came in handy for this ensemble. I also had a parasol that I had bought at the CNE during the summer that worked out really nicely with the outfit and was a nice prop for photos. I really liked wearing this outfit since it was really cute and fairly comfortable (besides being slightly big on me). I would recommend this seller.

Events/Conventions this costume was worn to
December Toronto AnimeCON 2006