Watanuki Kimihiro - xxxHolic

Cost: $42
Time to Make: 15 hours
Timeline of Construction: October 2008



I was inspired to Cosplay as Watanuki when I found out that my friend Sakura was planning on Cosplaying Himawari. She thought our friend Andy would make a great Doumeki and our xxxHolic trio group was born. I've been a fan of the trio since the second season of the Anime so I was really happy to be a part of a group with my fiends. (^_^)

I can't take credit for the majority of this costume since I failed at my early attempts to make the shirt and pants. Sakura was a whiz at making homemade patterns and planned and figured out everything. Sakura had made her Himawari costume for Fan Expo in August and it was in August when we decided that it would be great if the three of us could Cosplay together at Youmacon. Of course, with job hunting and other random distractions, I really didn't get working on this costume until mid-October and then I only really had time to work on it with Sakura on the weekends. I slept over at her place a couple of weekends so we could work on the costumes. She ended up making Andy his Doumeki costume and then helping me out a lot with Watanuki. I mostly sewed on a few things here and there (the buttons and some snaps) and I made my prop pipe fox.

Sakura also styled my wig which was a simple bob. I did make my pipe fox myself and he's made out of fur. He has a bit of stuffing and thick wire sewed into him to make him posable. It was hard getting the dimensions just right so his head wasn't too small. I messed up a bit with shaping his tail, but I did find really nice big black eyes to sew into his head so his head at least turned out fairly well. He shed a lot on my costume, though, so I didn't get to pose with him hanging onto me very much. It's hard to get all the fur off even with a lint brush.

I ended up wearing my own glasses for this costume, although they weren't really accurate to the style of glasses that Watanuki wears. I tried to find really low prescription reading glasses to use, but I couldn’t find any that resembled Watanuki’s. I had a lot of fun being part of the xxxHolic group at Youmacon '08. I was really hoping that we would find a Yuuko Cosplayer there to take photos with, but I never saw a single Yuuko all con.

Events/Conventions this costume was worn to
Youmacon 2008 (Saturday)

Photo Credits
Stillvisions, SolarTempest & Elemental