Yuffie Kisaragi - Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

Cost: $66
Time to Make: 25 hours
Timeline of Construction: September - October 2011



In 2010 Jukebox suggested that herself, Ammie and I should Cosplay from Final Fantasy VII as Aeris and Yuffie with her as Tifa. I didn't really jump at the idea because I'm not really an RPG game fan and I've never played VII. Over the summer of 2011 the idea came up again and I heard Kyle and Jay would be in the group as Zack and Cloud so I started thinking about it more seriously. I found Yuffie's Crisis Core design and it was a lot more simplistic than her standard FFVII outfit. I decided that I would make that version as it would be a quick costume to make to be part of a group at Youmacon 2011.

I couldn't find a pre-made pattern that was exactly like Yuffie's shirt so I took McCall's pattern M5955 for a jacket meant for a clown costume and I modified it. I removed the sleeves and extended the front openings so I could pull one side over the other and fasten it with snaps. I'm really not very good at patterning and modifying patterns, but I'm pretty happy with how the shirt turned out.

I used bias tape for the yellow detailing around the armholes and around the entire front and back of the jacket. I'm not totally happy with the final length that I achieved with the armholes. They ended up being a little wider than I wanted. I also accidentally thought the jacket would close from right to left and I tried to hide an error with the length of my bias tape under the side that would be covered. When I realized the shirt actually closes with the left side over the right I had to re-do all the bias tape on the left opening and around the back to hide the bias tape ending. (>.<);;

I had a heck of a time patterning the hooded collar for this costume. The final result was that the front parts of the collar weren't perfectly even and that made it super tricky to sew the collar to the shirt. I had to re-sew the collar sides about 5 times. I was ok with the final result, but I assumed making the collar and hood out of a fleece would give it a nice look, but instead the fleece liked to wrinkle in spots and didn't look that nice.

The belt loops were another tricky part of the shirt to arrange. I had to re-sew some of them a couple of times before they were even. The headband and belt were easy to make, but just took a long time to turn after I sewed them. Yuffie's headband should have been more of an off-white grey colour, but I settled for using the same material as the shorts for it.

The shorts were made using Simplicity pattern 2280 which was the exact same pattern as the shorts that I made for Sherry in the summer. I modified the pattern a bit so they would be a bit tighter on the legs. Yuffie's shorts look a lot like they would be jean shorts, but I wasn't able to find shorts to buy so I settled on making a quick pair. My machine actually gave me a lot of trouble sewing the shorts as the tension kept screwing up, and that made the stitches very loose. I was a bit concerned about the shorts not being opaque, but the white material that I used was I believe the same sort of fabric as what I used for my Lisa nurse dress so it was super thick.

Yuffie's design has some details on her shoes, but I opted to skip them and I just looked for a simple pair of yellow converse sneakers. I was hoping to find a pair at my go-to store for cheap costume shoes, Ardene, but they didn't carry yellow ones when I looked. I was debating painting a grey pair yellow when I stumbled on a perfect pair of yellow sneakers at a dollar plus store for $3. XD Such a lucky find!

My wig was another eBay find. I thought it was going to be a bit shorter. I sewed the white headband to the centre of my wig part so I could make sure the headband wouldn't shift. Unfortunately, that meant the whole wig shifted as the headband moved and that was very frustrating.

Overall, I'm happy enough with how this costume turned out. It's a pretty simple design although I wish I had done a better job with some of the patterning. I usually get help from my mom or from Pan with patterning so I tried to do it all on my own this time with mixed success. I still found this costume to be comfy and nice to wear. I wasn't recognized very often as Yuffie's role in Crisis Core is just a cameo, but I still had a blast shooting with the group at the con. I consider this costume to be retired as it's really not a very flattering or exciting outfit to want to re-wear, but I still have some nice memories of it from Youmacon that year.

Events/Conventions this costume was worn to
Youmacon 2011 (Friday daytime)

Photo Credits
Baron Karza & Stillvisions