Yzak Joule - Gundam SEED

Cost: $148
Time to Make: 30 hours
Timeline of Construction: July - August 2005



I enjoy watching the different Anime of the Mobile Suit Gundam series from time to time. Gundam SEED isn't my favourite of the series, but I did enjoy the plot and the characters. I grew to love Yzak because of his quick temper and his passion and I knew I would have to Cosplay him. I also really loved the look of the ZAFT uniform so I was set on Cosplaying a character who wears that uniform. This was one of the first costumes that I really worked on intensely in order to get the details just right. In the end I was quite happy with the results.

The uniform was based off of a men's pattern for a civil war uniform. It needed a lot of altering to suit my frame and the front opening of the jacket had to be adjusted. It was quite a struggle to find the perfect red material. I originally bought red twill from Fabricland, but it was too bright of a shade of red. I finally found just enough fabric for the jacket randomly in a small fabric store and another similar material to use for the pants. My mom helped me out a lot with this costume by helping to pattern and make all the black detailing on the jacket. Some of the parts were really hard to attach. Pan helped me make the many crests on this jacket as well. The triangle, rectangle and pips were made using felt that was stiffened and the ZAFT crest was made using foam. Pan also helped pattern out and make the belt because it was challenging to get the proportions right. The detailing on the belt was done using white foam and it was attached using velcro. It held its shape really nicely.

I found the wig in a store called Exile in Kensington Market. The ends aren't straight, but I liked the way the wig framed my face. I ordered Go-go boots from Cosplay Supplies and used Podgy and black felt to make the details. I love this costume because of the attention to detail and because it's so much fun to wear a scifi uniform. I got quite a bit of wear out of the costume before I decided to retire it in favour of other Cosplay interests. My only issue with wearing it was the fact that the boots hurt like mad to wear for extended periods of time. Perhaps the reason why Yzak was always ticked off is because his boots are painful to wear. XD

Events/Conventions this costume was worn to
Northern Anime Festival 2005, CNAnime 2005 (Friday), to a Cosplay photoshoot for the Globe and Mail on Sunday, September 18th, 2005, Halloween 2005 and March Toronto AnimeCON 2006 (Saturday)

Photo Credits
Pan and Stillvisions