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June 30th, 2022
YetiCon is in the rearview now. It took me a while to post here after the con. I jumped back into work the day after getting back and there was so much to catch up on that it was tough to find a minute to gather my thoughts. It was interesting returning to a convention after being out of the scene for over 2 years. Yeti did feel like a good event to make a return with. The con itself was fairly small. I assume it was probably a couple of thousand attendees so definitely not as grand of a con as Anime North or Fan Expo. There was quite a bit to do outdoors and the con centre was rarely super crowded. I didn't actually know beforehand exactly what genre YetiCon was targeting for its convention aim. It was interesting to see a mix of Anime, Cosplay and board game programming. A lot of people call it the summer camp of Anime cons and I could understand that. It definitely had a laidback vibe and lots of fun outdoor offerings to explore.

I did end up wearing the 3 costumes that I brought. I wore Alice on Friday and both Sakura Kinomoto and the Splatoon Inkling Kid costumes on Saturday. I was originally thinking about wearing the Inkling Kid costume on Sunday, but it was super windy all weekend and kind of cool at times so that really messed with my plans. It was a mess wearing Alice as the wind kept whipping around the hoop skirt for my dress and flipping up my apron. It also messed with the rather thin bangs on my wig. The worst part was the dust in and around the village and con centre. The massive parking lot for Blue Mountain was unpaved, so with the super windy weather especially on Friday, it was sending dust all over outdoors. The second I got outside of my hotel on Friday, I got dust in my eyes. It was brutal. It made it hard to stay outside for long.

I did have fun wearing Alice. I didn't pre-plan any photoshoots so I was disappointed that I never got a chance to get really high quality costume photos. My friend Stillvisions brought some video gear and was kind enough to take some video footage of me in Alice and Inkling Kid and also took a few phone camera photos of my costumes so I do have some photo evidence from the weekend. I'm just waiting for him to review the pictures he got on his camera so I can get them and post a few highlight photos here.

I will say the weekend was a nice vacation. I was rooming with Stillvisions and another long-time friend of his (Nicole) and her bf. We shared a large suite and we had plenty of space with our room being just four people, which was nice. We stayed in the Grand Georgian. I wish we had a suite facing the village to be able to experience the hustle and bustle of Cosplayers walking around, but we were facing the parking lot (just one room short of facing the village area). I suppose it wasn't too important with how cool and windy it was all weekend as it wasn't pleasant to sit outside. We stayed for four nights (Thursday until Monday) and it made for an extra relaxing weekend. I got to go swimming in the Grand Georgian pool, which was quite nice. I tried the alpine roller coaster, which was very invigorating and gathered my nerves to try zip lining. I expected it to be scarier, but the worst part was the whiplash when you get to the brake at the end of the line. I didn't end up partaking in the waters of the aquatic centre, although I did explore the space in my Inkling Kid costume and got some photos and video there. The Blue Mountain area was really beautiful. If the weather had been nicer, I might have bought a pass for the gondola and explored the mountain top.

As I stated before, I did debut my new Sakura costume on the Saturday of the con. I used magnets to hold my little hat in place and the wind actually managed to move one of the magnets enough that the hat wouldn't stay on my head. I ripped some of the foam I had under the hat to support the shape as I was fiddling with it. I had to use hot glue from the Cosplay Medic in the con centre to repair my costume. I appreciated the assistance, but with the wind, it was too much of a hassle to wear the costume for long. It was hard enough to keep my skirt down (although I did wear shorts). I ended up only wearing the costume for a couple of hours, but I'm looking forward to wearing it again down the line. I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I also enjoyed re-wearing my Splatoon costume. I quickly changed into it when I got frustrated with wearing Sakura since the Splatoon costume is much simpler. Kevin filmed me walking around the village area and by the pool. I was even asked by Ackson if he could shoot a couple of seconds of footage of me to use in his con video, which was neat.

I ran into a number of friends while in my Inkling Kid costume too including my friend Dan who also took some footage of me and included it in his con video. That was fun. I'm so glad that this con gave me a chance to reconnect with some friends that I haven't seen in over 2 years. I really did miss seeing people and being able to go somewhere fun and unique as a trip.

Since I was able to squeeze in wearing my Inkling Kid costume on the Saturday, I decided to be casual on Sunday and not Cosplay. I went to the tea party event and helped Stillvisions terrorize the con and village area in an inflatable Hello Kitty costume he brought. I turned into a handler for that and it was interesting helping guide him around and direct him for taking photos with tourists. On Sunday evening I got to try Rusty's for the first time, which was pretty good BBQ restaurant. Most of my meals were stuff we got from the grocery store and prepared in the hotel since we had a kitchen, but I did enjoy the BBQ restaurant as well as some Swiss Chalet that I got on the way into the con on Thursday afternoon. After grabbing a nice breakfast at the Sunset Grill on the Monday morning and stopping for some Starbucks, it was time to return to reality. It was a really fun convention and a neat experience. I'm glad that I was finally able to experience the con and check out Blue Mountain. I can see why everyone speaks so highly about this con.

No con photos to post here yet, but I should have some photos to share of Alice, Inkling Kid and Sakura down the line. I'll update here when I get them! I would definitely consider returning next year if the con makes a comeback!

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